Random Question Thread (Now Gluten Free!)



/gives hilary clinton a hime cut

now what?


But is she a kuudere?


cant you make her? or you too beta?


Kuuderes don’t have to have hime cuts.

Case in point:


Yeah, I’m a beta bitch boi to my harem. They all have orgies with white chads while I play house slave and watch.


…all I asked was kobayashi vs kalheesi, how did it end up like this?

oh yeah, sancon happens




Your haram consist of 2d Miyuki and 3d Miyuki aka Sky.


syk is 3D Mimi Usa-chan you cockwomble!


On the original question Kobayashi’s dragons are smarter and are huge in their dragon forms.
I think Tohru alone could take them.

She has both wings and arms in that form so two more appendages to grapple with.


Sorry, I kummed in Kumiko.




I’d creampie Reina…


Reina is too high maintenance imo

and the only one who is allowed to creampie Kumiko is Asuka-senpai


That makes it better.

I’ll Bukkake her.


I consider Rei a dandere more than kuudere.


It’s often a hard distinction to make, but I think Rei is considered to be kuudere more often than dandere



Does this remind you of you?


Oh absolutely not. ,


Nope doesn’t remind me of anyone.
Sounds like he came from a really dysfunctional family.