Random Question Thread (Now Gluten Free!)



Is your waifu a slut?


only for me, tho she is kinky as seen for her knowledge of/cool attitude towards bondage and being fanficted into a yuri story


Do you think my waifu is slut and one that would go to slutwalks dressed as a total slut?


I dont think such things of the sancom waifus, and neither sagiri nor kirino are sancom waifus as far as I can remember


But what if they were?


they’d be the first slut waifus of sancom and their husbandos would be giant cucks


But being a cuck so current year and progressive panto. Don’t you want to please your waifu and make her feel liberated by having 1000 buff chads take her to poundtown and she viciously abuse and insults you while you watch chained in the corner taking it and enthusiastically agreeing with her?


khan you’re scaring me, is almost like am talking to a bay area hipster





It’s all about Emily.


You don’t just talk about sex with Emily, you have it, hard.


You wanna talk about sex, Chir?


What about this little creep?


tomoko is off limits you pervs! she’s in my protec and pat list


I will furiously bang 1,4 and 11. FFS 11’s nickname is literally meat.


you would literally rape my childhood (2D crushes) just to prove a point?!

also that was a mean buli nickname from a jelly flat frustrated slut, so it doesnt count (also I must extra protect since is voiced by same seiyuu as mai waifu)


Hmph. My first anime crush was Sabrina from Pokemon and my “harem” consist of only my Tsuma Shizuku and Satsuki so I can’t relate. Plus Yozora is a cinnamon roll and Sena isn’t as pure as you think she is.


So nanoka?



under pantsu protection all are pure maidens


Under Khan protection as long as you are a hime cut clad kuudere, all are pure love making maidens.