Random Question Thread (Now Gluten Free!)



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Who does the best black accent? Hillary or Cortez?


Your girlfriend, Sky.


question to the gun fiends in here

is the bersa thunder really the poor mans walther ppk? are either good/worth it? or are they just james bond wanna be toys?


They’re good for the money and add some features that the PPK lacked. Walther is for those who want an authentic Bond experience.

And I prefer the term ammosexual. My pronouns are safe/semi/full.


I’m sorry for my ignorant and bigoted name calling, you are a beautiful and valid individual and is a shame that society discriminates against you for being who you are. You are brave and a warrior and I have tremendous respect for you. I’m sorry if my question may have triggered you, and now I’m realizing that using -trigger/triggered- in the context society does may be offensive and insensitive cultural appropriation of ammosexuals. If that’s the case I apologize again and I hope you can help me become more educated on the subject, so that I can continue learning of your beautiful journey.

[note: all that shit is an amalgamation of shit people have said to me since I came out, fun!]

coolio! so what are some of the features you feel the bersa added that the walther lacked?


Arigato for that word salad.

The Bersa added a bigger beaver tail grip, adjustable rear sight, and larger capacity. But might I suggest another sub $300 pocket pistol: the Ruger LCP 2.


that one is also in consideration

now, have you an opinion on the taurus judge public defender?


If Miss Kobayashi and Miss Targaryen battled their dragons, who would result victorious, and earn the title of best mother of dragons?


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