Random Question Thread (Now Gluten Free!)



i liek an russian sleep experiment



i got failed normie…


I got this I’m ok with it.


i got dis


oh wow, what a fucking surprise

i actually remember getting “extravert” on one of these once. that was fun.


Now I feel like Homu is a little brother to me…


the cute imouto finally got a cute otouto… wait, I’ve seen this one


Okay that’s really freaking cute :3


Used to be INTJ




I also used to be INTJ :open_mouth:
But being introverted is the only strong result, everything else is almost 50/50 >.<


@DOCTORKHANblog and @PantsuKudasai got on a fight and ended up shooting each other. Write a Huffington Post article about this tragedy, and use your liberal based journalism to blame it on white cis men. Manage to include Black Lives Matter, the NRA, Trump, GLAAD, immigration, Transgender rights. Bonus points if you can twist it to add big pharma, vaccines, chem trails and such (the furthest removed from the event, the better)


my results were all strong

liek muh DIK when i fuk ur FAEC


African American IT graduate and Latino American male-to-female transgender teacher found dead in Chicago alley way. Police evidence shows cause of death was violent shootout between victims. Autopsy shows both victims died shortly after shooting each other. Cause of violence is blamed on oppression of marginalized groups, from cis white males. President of the United States Donald J. Trump and NRA also both blamed for incident. Mostly from failure to ban semi-automatic hand guns. Members of Black Lives Matter and transgender rights group GLAAD. Threaten to burn down and loot entire Chicago neighborhoods. Vaccines blamed for possible mental issues in both victims. Big Pharma being investigated.


BBC addendum:

Mutual murders between African American IT graduates and transgender Mexican-American teachers have increased dramatically since the Brexit referendum.




and they say romance is dead


Opinions on this list?

I think Bloom Energy and Spacex are the only good companies on this list and the rest I do not give a a rat’s ass about or think maybe we would be better off without them.


I asked this long ago in the old forums I think

what are some misheard lyrics you couldn’t figure our or were way wong?

from Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved, I thought the line

I know where you hide alone in your car


I know where you hide baloney in your car

and from Twenty One Pilots - Stressed Out, I thought the line

Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days
When our momma sang us to sleep but now we’re stressed out


Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days
When the marmoset [gibberish gibberish] is out