Random Question Thread (Now Gluten Free!)



Oh man. That was a urban legend here. If all 1.3billion Chinese get on a chair and they hear a countdown on the radio and at zero they all jump from their chair to the ground the skyscrapers in Murica would collapse because of the shockwave which goes directly through the earth to the other end of the globe.


lol there was an urban legend in mexico when msn messanger added the buzzing button, which said that every time you sent a buzz, bill gates killed a chinese person


Yah it wouldn’t do anything as the energy would be infinitesimal compared to a typical earthquake and I doubt it would even register on the seismometers in the US.


What if Chinese people were as fat as Americans?


so many much more bakuretsus



if you had two copies of a animoo, which one would you keep:

they differ in size grately, one is around 200M per ep [560p], the other is 1.2G per ep [1440p]. The latter has dual audio (jap and eng), but the 560p has cleaner and better subs

am cleaning my drive and have such conundrums on various series, but this one specific is bothering me the most


Always higher quality

Also, you can rip the subs from the lower quality one (as long as they’re soft subs, and they should be if it’s a show available in hi res)



Are you normie?



I think my test was wrong


cool normie as well

very cool to be in the same category as dunki :3


Hah you’re more of a normie than me!


Apparently I’m a party dude! Sup broski’s!


I’m also a cool normie and they’re wrong!


Also, they add outgoing points just because I’m female! Discriminashun!


yo broski!

wanna get a brewski?


Sure thanks broski!

I only got the score I did, because I’m an extrovert lol


I took that test and got this result.


I’m Peter Griffin. :3 Who are you?


what are your favorite and least favorite creepy pastas?


I wouldn’t worry about it.


I dont worry, I just curious and wanna chat with muh fellow sanconians