Random Question Thread (Now Gluten Free!)



Things have no value if you don’t earn them. It will only further feed the material consumerism that plagues our society.


Maybe I want society to be destroyed.


I wonder if this sums up the intelligence of the typical Trump supporter?

Things took a turn for the dramatic and dangerous though, when an unidentified man decided he wanted to hurl an entire box of Qurans into the fire. Witnesses say that he got the box above his head but when he tried to throw them, his momentum carried him right into the fire.


implying that wasn’t a Mossad agent botching a smear op.


I dunno you’re the one posting fake news.


From the site:


Does falling for this sum up the intelligence of the average lib?


Char confirmed NPC…


I guess that anwers my question from yesterday, too


char pls

you could at least post that guy that burned his nikes and got burns on his feet


This one?

It seems he’s actually some kind of bullshit artist and I think the mouthwash he drank in the video was really blue koolaid or similar.


why would someone do that

just go on the internet and lies



What’s The Deal™ with Slate?


They’re Fake News™…


seems like I found @kudi on reddit


@kudi is at it again


So, I moderate an invite-only discord for an artist whose material I post here. I’m about to create an article on his artist tag to give a brief description and link to his Patreon. I’m also considering saying something like, “Please DM me (i’d put my Username) if you’re interested in joining his discord”. Is this type of solicitation okay? Is it a bad idea?


which is the stupidest cryptoid?

am in between mothman and the jersey devil


Stupid in intelligence or stupid in concept?


I was thinking concept, but you can divide it into as many categories of stupidity you’d like.


Then yeah, the jerseys devil is pretty lame. That or the hide behind.