Random Question Thread (Now Gluten Free!)



Ara Ara. I want a mommy gf.


You too?!


Why you think I like the kind of girls I like?


No, I’m surprised because that’s a recently popular thing on anti-twitter right now.


What 5 anime (non-hentai) would be the worst recommendations for a normie/newbie

  • Kodomo No Jikan
  • Strike Witches
  • Kiss X Sis
  • Haganai
  • OniAi


You’re thinking too shallow. You need stuff that will mindfuck them. Elfen Leid, Made In Abyss, Shinsekai Yori, Higurashi, Narutaru.


I was thinking like a normie for that, duh


le no bible black
le no boku no pico


indeed no le hentai

asobi ni ikuyo could be another one



is @Dark_Mage becoming a blue pilled cucked libtard antifa sjw? and will @PantsuKudasai ever learn how to properly use those insults?


No I’m simply am aware the US has many serious problems and the solution likely will be implementing some of the Trump tards call the s word.
Besides you’re far more left than me.



and don’t be fooled by my trannyness and beanerness, am pretty centrist


I’m only for universal health care, rolling back the clock on bankruptcy law with student loans, ending the war on drugs, and maybe hosing the very rich you know common sense stuff.


He’s been bluepilled and notice how he’s for gibs that he personally gains from. C’mon Char, fess up how much student debt you have.


I managed to avoid the trap like Tilly of course it was not easy but I have seen the plight of others who were not so lucky.
It is wrong to saddle people with that kind of debt and then make it nearly inescapable especially when the rich can easily dump tens of millions of dollars of debt on a bad real estate deal by declaring bankruptcy.
It is also wrong for drug companies to be forming a cartel and fix the prices of life saving drugs while their execs give them selves raises after measuring each other dicks with a ruler with the inch market a little to close together.
Nor should someone half to work 60 to 70 hours a week just to enjoy a middle class life style and have health care.
Anyone who disagrees is a fool among fools.


How can you not want $1000 boomercat?


is not that he doesn’t want $1000, is that he doesn’t want “certain folk” to get $1000


Yeah, blacks. I don’t want them to have any welfare.


So he either likes watching people suffer or wants to give it to someone else?


am mostly surprised no one has complained about my usage of hip political lingo, meaning I used it right?

pantsu is staying relevant and wid’it