Random Question Thread (Now Gluten Free!)



How do you do the multiple option?



I’m surprised Khan didn’t drop one on Chicago.


I do, but I have bigger p!ans.


are u in the satania discord channel too


am not on discord at all


where do you see yourself in five years sankun?

i see myself in jail in japan for trying to grow weed in a small apartment

now i think of it’s probably not worth

so i switch it to doing lsd in japan cause that’s easier to get away with lol


yo @kudi @chigetsu @dirtypair

if they made a King Of The Hill type show based in y’alls country, what would be the region/state setting and how would it go? what would be the equivalent of Hank Hill’s Texas stereotype your protagonist would have?

for all others, if King Of The Hill was set in your state, what would it be like?



Yorkshire is England’s Texas.

It’s the biggest county, just as Texas is the biggest state.

There are a lot of farms. Like Texas.

Its inhabitants often think of themselves as Yorkshiremen first and Englishmen second, in the same way that Texans often call themselves Texans rather than Americans.

Its residents stereotypically think of Yorkshire as the greatest place in the world and Yorkshiremen as the greatest people in the world, whereas people from other parts of the country regard them as simultaneously arrogant and backwards. Ditto Texas.

Their accents frequently cause difficulty for those from wealthier parts of the country, although they’re usually not quite as bad as some of their nearby neighbours. Like Texas.

He’d be like this


lol I can see Hank being such a Britt, tho I feel he’d still say -asinine-


If it’s in rural or southern Illinois, not much would change aside from minors specific to IL. Otherwise Chicago and the suburbs would just be the Goode Family.

What would a Mexican KotH look like?


So is that why you wanted to attend UIUC?
Though it’s more central Illinois and I would not describe as region as being like Arlington.


It would depend where in Mexico it’d take place. From the north where I hail, it’d be very similar, only more cartels.


UIC but close. Though I might go to UIUC if I get the free ride offer and afford lodging.


Bavaria is Germany’s Texas.
Religous, conservative, economically prosperous yet hillbillies (in a good way). Can only speak in their dialect. And look at the traditional dances. More or less the same thing as the murrican square dance.

Harry Enfield is a hilarious lad btw :+1:

I wonder what Dirty might say, Saxons are very proud people too.


Ever have imagine you’re doing something else maybe even to a sound track while doing something mundane because of your chunnibyou?


We sure are!

Oh dammit, I forgot. The Slavs in east Germany are called Saxons now :o

He sure is!

btw, have you apologised today for the actions of your people during zee var?



Is this true?


I mean there was lucoa and shouta.


Umm no sweetie women can’t be pedophiles. Any older women showing affection to young boys is just maternal instinct.