Random Question Thread (Now Gluten Free!)



It doesn’t say that they’re having sex with women…


As a virgin STEMlord nerd. I am afraid.



Cuz dayum girl you so freaking sexy



The aesthetic of the modern Asian female tops all in the realm of the beauty of femininity.


Do you think the present civilization is doomed?

On complexity I have identified three rungs of the ladder we probably should not climb self driving vehicles ,having all systems connected to the cloud and having key pieces of technology or resources produced in a single geographic location or by companies too big to fail.


Yes. And we should let it die and make a better one.

Sankaku Confessions, Off My Chest & Unpopular Opinions

we need to nuke everything


one of the few things I agree with Khan

tho I’d prefer a good plague rather than nukes, something that just takes away a good 80% of humans. much as I hate squirrels they shouldn’t have to pay the nuke price for our fuckery, same with them trees and kitties and stuff


If there ever was a purge I’d want to see all the top 1% get hit the hardest.
Also maybe see the Bay Area and New York get EMPed or have a crap ton of FOABs dropped on them.


leave the gay area alone! shit lit af!

but if you’re set on offing it, let it be thru a mega tsunami and earthquake, so that again them critters get to escape, all the human trash gets swept away and drown or sucked by the earth, and the trees can recalim the soil


EMP would leave the critters alive and the gays well if they can live with 1950s to 1970s technology they’ll be fine.
The techies and Chinese investors not so much.


you’d just force the entirety of the bay to re-buy all the apple products they lost, thus boosting apple’s revenue back to where it was last year and then some

let Poseidon deal with this one


Also do Shenzhen and Seoul to eliminate their factories so they can’t make any more.


/apple moves to mexico

stop being edgy with your nukes and emps, char, let nature do its thing


Ah, I thought we would agree with more things.


owo? do me a curious, like what?


Being observant on our respective ethnicity’s foibles, not being too serious when we use naughty language. some perspectives on animu that I can’t think of right now, bullying Chor.


lol ok I guess that’s some common ground, tho you def have more racial/group hate than me

I mean more like this is a big issue which we do agree

that an char-buli