Random Question Thread (Now Gluten Free!)



Maybe. We do have an 85 average IQ.


now am wondering if is just the ghetto types I’ve encountered, but really lots of nigs I’ve met in Colorado say that a lot. and I’ve seen it on the telly too. but thinking back maybe was not as common in Texas and Cali


You mean the nigga moment?


Whoa not cool Char. You don’t have an n-word pass to post that.


we should tell hims mom he said a swear word!
no stopping for nuggies on the way back from running errands!


which one would you chose?


Watch makes the wallet obsolete. Regardless, you’re not getting my soul today Satan.


how so?

and I dont want your soul! khan already claimed that


The locket of lust also makes the wallet redundant as you can make rich people of the opposite sex give you money.
Or get one to marry you and then divorce them and take half their wealth.
Same goes for the gun of wrath commit robbery with it and not get seen or just become a mercenary.
Plus the Spectacles of Envy could be very profitable maybe even allow you to take over a country.
Still not making any deals with Satan even he he chooses to appear as a weird white cat like thing.


ok so which one would you choose? y’all niggas are not fun sometimes lol just choose one


I would choose God…


I grant you the n-word pass. Even hard r.


Cool pic.

I don’t need the Gun of Wrath to hit my own head. I can do that with a normal gun. Useless thing.
I’d pick the Flask of Gluttony. Hope it comes with cola.


I guess if I had to choose I’d take the spectacles of envy or the gun of wrath in that order as I can do the most good with them.
I’d probably pay Davos Switzerland a visit in January.


I guess the gun would be nice, if someone else could also use its powers(because I wouldn’t want to live forever without Kudi)
And I’d use it to get rid of rapists, murderers, and other criminals, and make sure they can’t hurt anyone else again~(but I’d make sure they were guilty first, and I wouldn’t be lenient towards women (´・ω・`) )
(Of course, this is assuming I’d be able to kill people I feel shouldn’t be alive)

I guess a team of people with the gun, watch, and glasses would be the most efficient :thinking:

It would be funny to have a flask that always contains tea, if I had the wallet I’d be able to visit Kudi all the time and give him nice things, and it’d be nice to have a ring that improves my memory, because my memory is awful ;-;

The locket should be destroyed, because being able to control people like that is just too sad


Syk’s answers can be yandere scary or pure vanilla wholesome

this one went back and forth and I love it :3


for me it would be the wallet or the flask, granted (as @Nin and @chigetsu said) it could be filled with something other than alcohol. I’d go for soda or just plain fresh water, tho if I had to have alcohol I’d go for like hard lemonade or hard raspberry tea (yes am that much a fag)

but the wallet would be best, I’d go around paying out debts and fucking economies :3 I wonder if one were to put in medical bills or student loans they’d be wiped clean as well.


Well, I wouldn’t hate it if it only contained liquor.


Should we all get degrees in Gender and Women’s Studies?


The respondents got fucked by their choice in academics every day.