Random Question Thread (Now Gluten Free!)



Where do you throw used :roll_of_toilet_paper: ? In the :wastebasket: or the :toilet: ?


If I used it to wipe up :tumbler_glass: I throw it in the :wastebasket:. If I used it to wipe :poop:, I throw it in the :toilet:.


cute activity with did with the kids for the 100th day of school

fill in the blanks:

I wish I had 100 _____
If I had $100 I’d buy _____
I can eat 100 ______
I can do 100 _____




In the :toilet: where it belongs.


So who here would clean up the poo of the streets of San Fransisco for 185K a year?
Though it’s actually just 71K a year and supposedly is 185K with benefits.

I’d only do it if they also threw in rent on a house or condo with a minimum of 1500 sq ft and parking behind a privacy fence no high rise apartments unless it’s a penthouse or places in the ghetto give me a hazmat suit with a self contained breathing apparatus while on the job, and allow me to use a taser on anyone I felt like who needed it.


I cant find any links to the city of san francisco for such job, so I call it fake news, also all articles I can find are from last year


I just found it amusing.
But decent housing with reasonably secure parking is a requirement for me to take any job there.


I wouldn’t step foot in San Fecalsisco for all the money in the world.


LOL I don’t blame you.


Are you brave enough to go to a sento/onsen?


Only if you come with me.



Being surrounded by a bunch of naked elderly Japanese men. I’m pretty confident I can handle that.


Of course~

I don’t care about being seen by other women(because I have a nice body)


but I’d only go to a mixed one if it was with Kudi (´・ω・`)


assuming I was allowed to go in with my tattoos, and it was post surgery and all that, I wouldn’t mind, if it was an open air one up in a mountian or something scenery like that

public bath types look gross like public pools, I know the japs are prolly the only ones where water parks and pools are actually clean, so their public onsen would be clean… still


@DOCTORKHANblog why do nigs always say -irritated- and -aggravated- when they get upset? (which is everytime they get called out on the most minor of things)


I have never heard black people say irritated that much and never aggravated. It must be the negroes in your area.





Too many syllables???