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Trainers can only carry up to 6 pokemon, the other ones are kept in boxes in the PC

They keep those pokemon/pokeballs in the order they choose(and in the games the first one always goes first in battles), so they probably would know where which pokemon is.

In the anime(iirc) there were times when people tried to use someone else’s pokemon, and ended up not knowing what was inside the pokeball.

In the manga, they could see a mini version of the pokemon inside the pokeball

So how they know probably depends on the pokemon universe(but it’s likely that after a while they can tell just by touching the pokeball)

(And there are many kinds of pokeball too, so they could know that the pikachu is in the pokeball, and the raichu is in the premier ball, etc)

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I’ve played poke blue for the gameboy, and yes in there you can organize the pokedex, but I meant more in te anime. Ash carries his on a belt, but you got Misty who clearly doesnt, and if I remember correctly a few times she messed up and got Psyduck instead of whatever she wanted, so clearly mistakes can be made,

I tink the point here is that unlike say Yugioh where you see them shuffle the decks, in pokemon you just see htem throw the ball and is the one they wanted.




Pokedex and pokeballs aren’t the same thing, もう~


And rather than messing up and choosing psyduck, psyduck kind of chose himself >.<


I know is not the same dummy! I guess am not explaining myself well here



The pokedex only has info(or gathers info) on the pokemon species, not the individual pokemon you catch and have with you

So it wouldn’t organize your pokemon for you, or choose them for you in battle


Ritchie put stickers on his Poké Balls to differentiate them from others. You could use different stickers to mark different pokémon with.

In Pokémon Diamond & Pearl, you could mark your Poké Balls with stickers, which would then also make pretty effects appear when the Poké Ball popped open.


oi @kudi, been thinking, does it bother you at all that your country’s flag is used as rando decoration/in fashion?

sometimes I think about how the union jack is found on so much merch, similar to the murrican flag, but really the only ones wearing everything murrican flag are a very specific group, while the union jack clothes/merch has a more broad market.


The same can go for you. Even though you are no longer a citizen and have expressed low opinion on it, how do you feel if the Mexican flag was used in such a way.


I never officially renounced my citizenship and can still hold a Mexican passport, tho. but that’s besides the point.

I feel is different tho, since products with the Mexican flag are not a common fashion thing that anyone would buy, like the Union Jack, but rather is things that wetbacks would buy when they come to the US. Keep in mind that the flag and national emblem are forbidden to be commercialized in Mexico, so you’d not find all the merch with flag you’d see in the US (mexico or murrcan flag wise) so the most common thing to see during national celebrations are traditional costumes, or get a green white and red combo, or just wear the national selection jersey.

all that aside, whenever I see merch here in murrica with the mexican flag I feel is super tacky and lowbrow, and its typically designed in super chuntaro style, which makes sense as those who’d buy it are always wetbacks who at best have a 2nd grade education, and go for that sort of merch. It doesnt bother me really, to each their own, I just feel is ridiculous


It’s cultural appropriation and I literally shake every time I see it.

(actually, since I still have a small amount of mental health left, I think it’s pretty cool that a British design is recognised as superior all over the world)


Which is the best Looney Tunes chara?

Obvs is Wile E Coyote, but I wanna see how wrong are y’all about it


Dick Dastardly.


As much as I love stopping pigeons, he was a Hanna-Barbera character…


The red Martian monster.


that fucker scared the shit out of me!!


Top Cat was top HB chara


Daffy Duck because he’s hilarious.

You mean Gossamer?


Has anyone watched this show?

Would y’all recommend it?

I’d usually watch anything Matt Groening makes, but has it been Netflixed?



I has!

It is fun and you’ll enjoy it IF you don’t go in expecting it to be the next Futurama. Is not trying to be either.

It has clever humor and many fantasy tropes. Lucy is great demon cat type thing. Princess is fun drunkwad slut and you like her because she’s not a fored pushy empowerment feminist chara, yet is multidimensional