Random Question Thread (Now Gluten Free!)



srsly tho i want to see whether they admit that this is basically true


dont be edgy, char. I mean real demons.

most of the catholic lore on the devil is taken from pagan traditions, so I’d imagine rather than one devil one would summon a bunch of pagan deities. and Lucifer was a good guy, he wouldn’t be into trying to make money in wallstreet, he’d be developing and sharing tech and shit

Oh fuck, what if Elon Musk is actually Lucifer!? moe!!


Another theory is what if they have evidence that many of the events in the bible was actually alien visitors.


You know the Ark was just where the Ten Commandments were kept?


tbh tho

i bet you’d just find a load of shota porn


prolly lots of notes on the priests’ rape files, mostly which altar boy gives sloppy head or which congregation loli gets wetter.

I also not-so-lowkey feel that the vatican is one of the major child sex traffickers out there


I may not agree with everything Musk does or how he runs a business but he is one of the few people in a position of power making a serious effort to make a better future.
If anyone is the devil or anti Christ it’s Zuckerberg,Peter Thiel, the Walton family,or the Koch brothers etc as they have made the world a worse place.


Chris Pine, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans and Chris Pratt are the Four Horsemen

Christoph Waltz is the Antichrist

Christopher Walken is Jesus

prove me wrong, you can’t


I will say I probably would side with Walken’s character in View to a kill because I do not like what silicon valley has become.
it has lost it’s way and became disconnected,classist, and insular.
No longer works to make people’s lives better but just for profit alone even at the cost of destroying privacy,the environment, and lives.
Wow I sounded like Elliot Alderson from Mr Robot there.


silicon valley is awesome tho, just sucks that is too fucking expensive


it’ll become much cheaper if it was underwater.



Did Liam Neeson do anything wrong?


He didnt do anything. He thought of doing something but the opportunity never presented itself. He admitted it was a horrible thing to think about, talked about the steps he took to change it, and regrets ever feeling that way.

So no, he didn’t do anything wrong. But the interwebs is doing its best to presented in the most chopped up way possible to make it as if he is a racist, and not with the full context.

I feel this is a lot like the whole -Sean Connery is a woman beater!-, which is not the case when you listen to the entire interview, in which his argument is sound.

Of course my opinion dont matter on either because am not a Person Of Color (despite being a beaner) and trannies are not real women so I gotta stay out of it.

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I say no because he realized what he was doing was wrong and stopped.

The truth is something like a friend getting raped can drive someone to an extreme where they are no longer a rational person for the moment.


The only thing wrong he did was tell normies.


I’m black and I say he did everything right.


based on Khan’s mocking of Anus

-what’s your favorite color and animal?

Aqua and octopus/dragonfly


Light blue, and probably kitties >.< (but snakes, geckos, octopodes, axolotls, and some dog breeds are a close second >.> )


Daarin poses a good question:

How do Pokemon trainers know which pokeball they using right away, without looking? is always they right one every time.

My thoughts, most likely, they organize during down time and/or because of anime reasons, fuck you.

My over-analized reason, the pokedex of both trainers synch by bluetooth type signal, and organize their respective pokeballs based on stats and probablilties, as well as the trainers preferences. But if you reach into your pocket/belt/purse to get a specific poke, you may rely on engravings or other details of the balls you just grow to know by touch


They’re placed on their belt in order. Has he even played the game? Plus I keep my Pokemon in specialty balls so I know who’s who. For example my Umbreon is in a luxury ball and Golisopod is in a net ball.