Random Question Thread (Now Gluten Free!)




/has cup of tea

Random Picture Thread (SFW)

I figure Kudi would be Suwako.


nein, kudi is a refined lady from a high class family (he’s royalty after all) and under his cute and normal facade lingers a weird ass lesbian

also I’d be Sawako since am the oldest and actually am a tard wrangler




Ok so who’s the Azusa?


char, for he wants to be angry and edgy, but is actually tiny, powerless and only good for rape-n-dump

or pt since he’s an actual cat


@chigetsu would be Ui, for she’s a dependable loli who is great at cooking


if edward scissorhands were to masturbate a girl, would it considered fingering, a hand job or scissoring?


Female genital mutilation.




Which K-ON pupa would you take home?


for a second there I thought you were talking about two separate series, but then I got your meaning



if you were given full access to the secret vatican archives, what (if any) crazy/wild thing do you think you’d find? I mean out of the conspiracy things floating arond like they have proof or ufos, summoning books, the head of john the baptist, and so on. Or would it just be old books, and if so what would you be curious to read about?


I think I’d find a book that says catholicism is heretical and only protestants go to heaven


I’d find where the Lance of Longinus and the Ark of the Covenant are.


I thought that was lost after the Third Impact?


no they found it, ask Asuka about it :3c


He wants to cause the third impact.
As for the Ark of the Covenant I think it’s just what we’d call a Wimhurst machine or Kelvin water dropper and a capacitor bank.
it would be hilariously easy to doop people back then with a little science.


I’d be curious on their involvement in the holocaust.

jesus’ lineage, if he was real at all.

and if they really have a hell’s bible or a grimoire,and if hell/satan/demons are real after all, summon one to see what happens


I think Washington and Wall street are already full of them.