Random Question Thread (Now Gluten Free!)



I don’t know. Plus, your immense fascination with Americlap cartoons makes me want to retaliate and watch some britbong cartoons.


You should watch Monkey Dust

You’ll either find it hilarious or horrifying.


I wonder what gravatar I should use?


dis wan


This one:


Winter Suika looks cute


Cyborg Nitori is cool looking


cyborg clitori?




words words words


You wanna have sex with a robot?


I do fancy Jenny



Welp, there’s plenty of lewds of that teenage robot~


The Dick and Farty avatar would suit you imo lol


Ok I went with Predator Nitori.
I’ll add that Rumia pic PT posted to my list of avatars.


so now that that’s out of the way, nu question

if they keyons were made out of sancoms, who’d be who?

kudi gives a mugi vibe


i’d be the turtle



I would be Yui. Because I’m hyper and extroverted.


I think the role of Ton-chan should be given to @Pink_Turtle_Tilly for obvious reasons


oh right how could i forget


and high functioning autistic