Random Question Thread (Now Gluten Free!)



Oh yah their school system does suck maybe that’s why my family moved from there when I was very young.


They were smart to do so. I’m moving once I graduate college.


where khan moving to?


I bet he wants to move to Texas.


khan of the hill!!!


How many of you weebs know how to use chopsticks?


I use it sometimes. Why?


everyone? is not a hard skill


Is this how you do it?


I know how to use chopsticks.


The right way to use chopsticks is to throw them away and ask for a fork!


chopsticks are fun tho


if canonically all the wives in town cheat with the milkman, who’s porking the milkman’s wife while he’s out in deliveries?


<- this dude right here


Dan says no one because the milkman is top tier in the delivery hierarchy, but I think is either the postal carrier or the pizza lad


So you’re saying all women are THOTs and you shouldn’t get married or get cucked by a supposedly obsolete serviceman but technically revived thanks to apps for upper middle class lazy people?


khan stop doing drugs and go hug a catman


Answer the damn question Pantso!


In The Flintstones, it’s implied that cactus juice is an intoxicating beverage. Some cacti contain the psychedelic phenethylamine mescaline. That makes me wonder…

Do The Flintstones drink peyote smoothies?


they had to peddle drugs somehow after the Winston ziggies sponsorship ran out