Random Question Thread (Now Gluten Free!)


  1. take screenshot of scene you want
  2. make wallpaper
  3. fap
  4. nut on monitor
  5. take photo
  6. profit


We have an artist thread: Artists' Lounge

But none of us are experts on hentai. Maybe this would help? https://www.hentai-foundry.com/pictures/user/Zardra/21429/Cum-tutorial


Ohh Yeah tahs nice Idea ;hahaha


And it’s a million times better if she’s a tsundere!!!


i have uploade a pic here on the site why show no on startsite? https://chan.sankakucomplex.com/

click on arrow to open tab. furry kowai

u Like furry girls >3


[*KHAN grabs gun]…


any of you fuckwads live in chicago? I feel like at least one of yous does and I has some questions


Hello dipshit. What do you want to ask?


first of all, thank you for using dipshit, as is one of my favorite insults, and a big improvement over the lame ass -mexipoor- you used to use, so kudos <3

realistically how bad is crime in chicago? how are rents for a studio/1bedroom in a non-fancy-non-ghetto area? and overall is the city good/fun or shitty?


We used to have two Chicago residents but only Khan is still here.
Did you try using Zillow or Apartment guide to look?


I’ve checked zillow, but I want an actual resident’s opinion


First, lameass? You praised it when I first called you that. To the point, yes crime it shit here. I feel it might get worse due to the replacement of an effective top cop thanks to a BLM hissy fit. It’s now trickling to my neighborhood which keep in mind is one of the better south side black neighborhoods. This is why I’m planning to move out of my family’s home this year. Confession: I got robbed twice in my life and my dad once got shot so yeah. I work for apartments in the fancier areas and still encounter or was told the craziest shit with crime. It’s not like New York in the seventies or LA/Detroit in the eighties but it’s not the town you can walk about and not worry someone will shank you.

We haven’t reached CA levels of “the rent is too damn high” but we’re getting there. The decent apartments mostly run at a grand per month minimum. There are cheaper decent apartments but you really have to look and a non-fancy-non-ghetto area is an oxymoron in modern day Chicago. The non ghetto and increasingly non taco areas are being filled with hipsters who shoot up the cost of living. Add to the taxes both local and state, no sane person who live here live in the city permanently unless you just here to shoot the shit for a few years and leave. The suburbs might be better but the the city shakes them down for money.

Your enjoyment of Chicago depends on what you personally like and even that it would last a month. We have all the typical places for a big US city but nothing special compared to NY or LA. The loop area, the north side and the lakeshore is where anything happens. Let alone anything good. But for a person who has worked and studied in these areas for most of my adult life so for, anything good about them wears off fast. We might have gotten more interesting attractions if it weren’t for fucking NIMBYs. The day there’s a campaign for “Keep Chicago Weird” is the day I laugh to death.

We have various homeless and vagrants panhandling you for money and everywhere you go. Annoying sportsball fans, especially Bears and Cubs. The blacks here are terrible to the max, the whites here are hipsters and out of touch, the asians here are fucking autistic and fobs, and you would feel like you’re in a third world shithole with the latinos, Arabs and Indians. The music scene is shit, the arts scene is either an eye sore or laughable and the nerd scene is basic as fuck. The festivals and parades might be fun if you’re a tourist but that wears off. I used to love them back when I was little but I have been to none of them in my adult life. Like I said most of the good areas where things happen wears off and virtually shut down at night. Lets I forget, THE WEATHER HERE IS SHITTY AND DEPRESSING.

Overall, I don’t recommend Chicago. We’ve increasingly becoming the type of big city with all the shitty parts of LA/NY with none of the benefits. It’s depressing, boring and nothing really good to do on your own. Maybe great for a tourist or here short term. But you have to be retarded to live here permanently.


awesome! thank you :slight_smile:


Don’t get me started on the politics and economy, especially your profession, which are running this city and in extension this state into the ground.


what’s wrong with being a tard wrangler?! and I can ruin your city by being a job stealing beaner or a bathroom-child-rapist tranny, but not both, and certainly not because am a tard wrangler!


Some good news the tech market is imploding and the companies will have to cut loose the useless fat to survive so some of those hipsters may go broke.
Also China’s economy is getting ready to crush ina manner not seen since the one that happened in Japan in 1992 which would remove another factor driving up real estate costs…


Nothing, I’m referring to the CPS.


oh, what about CPS? is it bad?


Newark levels bad…


only been to Newark when I visited New York

DPS is the worst district I’ve worked for so far, and it was abysmally terrible