Random Picture Thread (SFW)




I mean were you a small man before you turned trans?


I was a bit over 181cm tall when I began hormones, so no not really



Ha, I’m taller than you.


Do you leik an gamer gurl?

Random Video Thread (SFW)

No, I want a woman who is a fujoshit animefag.




Ha, cops mark me as white in their tickets, that is if they give me tickets, rather than let me off with a warning




absolute dfc, not even the slightest rise on the fabric


That’s mostly cause the fabric this fine lad has on his body would rise in other places.



owo! a yum yum trap?



gave into my inner Misaka the other day and got this sponge dish :3

is actually a soap and toothbrush holder, but am a rebel and want my kitchen to be cute


But is not green.


and am not a cute dfc non-twintail tsundere with electric powers, gato.

but we do what we can with what we have, sheesh


so cute to see @kanika having some quality family time



In fact, I was with the family this weekend.