Random Picture Thread (SFW)



Would you eat those?


If they’re sentient, like the bunnies seem to be, I wouldn’t >.<
But if they just look like cute animals, then I wouldn’t mind~



Homura did nothing wrong.






is this @DOCTORKHANblog’s dream girl?


she can’t’ be she’s white

also not a mom


Humo is is right. I’m not into white ladies. I’m only want hot single asian or blasian moms in my area.


what if that was a russian gril who has given birth in the woods and abandoned the baby (thus being a milf without the responsibility of a child)


Then she’s a very irresponsible mom.


casey anthony would beg to differ


Casey Anthony’s a THOT.


but a milf, nontheless

also I see @Nin liked my pic, perhaps is his dream girl?


Kuda also. @chigetsu should read siege to impress Kuda.


kinda tbh


Good on you. But why douse @PantsuKudasai and @Dark_Mage always think I’m into white ladies?


cuz you a nig hating nog, so it feels odd that you’d go for a nig’gal.

tho mostly I imagine you’d go for far right/white nationalist grils, and most of the memes one would find of such grils are white ones.



Well most black women are out of the question for me anyway so you’re right on that.