Random Picture Thread (SFW)



dude idk! I started getting white hairs by the time I was 10! am already about 40% whites.

hopefully next year I’ll be around 70% so I can stop dying my hair and just go for all white hair and be a witch >:3


omg panchu went grey before i went bald!


not gray, white!

everyone in my fmaily grays or whites early on, I took after grandma it seems cuz she had full white hair (grandpa was full silvers)

and even before hormones I had very thick full hair, no baldies in my family :3c


yeah but no-one says “went white”

unless they’re talking about michael jackson


people are dumdums and you know it



As for change she probably dyed it to look like the others also her mom is a MILF.
But not to worry she’s an Asian girl they just need to know how to cook and marry good.


cute! I must read now :3


Have a few Neeko pics.

She should just go meet that guy who rides by.


A neet who needs the d.


lolololol what do you guys see?


I see a bunny eared ship girl



a moth/bat type critter


I see a shoe dropping into water


I see the mothman or similar.


i see a strike witch

or an aa megami-sama

maybe even an evangelion


kundi, how high are you?


i’m not

that might be the problem


that dang kudi boy aint right I tell you hwhat



I see a mothgirl~


syk confirmed into lesbian bestiality