Random Picture Thread (SFW)



This is funny.

LOL at Hectia’s t shirt in this one.





@kudi and @Melancholy_Mel feels and thoughts?

and kundi pls be nice to meli, is not her fault she’s the one kawaii potato amongst your enemy potatoes


Given how Wales is celtic too add them as well.






I wish I was 100% like Zero Two, but I’d be over the moon if I could be 100% like Ichigo


anyone has the english version of this pic?


you should be able to understand it!

spic and huehue are the same language!


if by huehue you mean portuguese, yes, they are similar, and yes I can usually get the context of it (so does italian) but I want it in english because I had it long ago and I want it, also cuz murrican


T-that’s not huehue
It’s portuguese from Portugal >.<


you two are too moe <3


portuguese from portugal sounds like a russian trying to speak spanish


swedish sounds like a drunken french is trying to speak german


I had the impression that portuguese from portugal sounds like a spanish trying to speak french.


olde but gude


Azunyan is the superior pet K-on.