Post your shoes thread



Welcome to the thread you didn’t want or need.

I got a new pair of shoes that I already stained… I was going to return them but I guess not.


how about a post your fucking DICK thread ya cunts?


@chigetsu would never approve of you showing yoru dick to anyone but her




all muh shoes

I know am a disgrace to the stereotype of woomins and shoes, but then by Sancom standards I may be a shoe slut


Do you have a shoe fetish?


What is a “shoe fetish”?



(NB: none of these photos are me)


it shows kudi is married to a oppai semi-goth loli


these are the rest of my shoes minus a few


@homulilliy, as a dog, do you ever have trouble keeping yourself from chewing on your own shoes?


i just spray them with bitter apple stuff so i never chew them


B-but none of those are mine



clearly he’s hinting you of his desires, obvs he wants you to step on his genitals wearing such shoes


She’s done that using similar shoes…