Original vs. named characters



Hi, I’ve been using SanCom for some time now, but I’m new uploading pictures. At the request, and with the permission of the artist AnonSoft ( https://chan.sankakucomplex.com/?tags=anonsoft ) , I’ve slowly started uploading a portion of their portfolio. Now all his characters are original to him, and to this point I’ve simply tagged them “original”. That said, they’ve actually named every character that I’ve posted thus far. Should I tag them as such (creating a new character tag in the process), or is that strictly for copyrighted and/or licensed characters? Thanks for your time.

Also, sorry if this is answered elsewhere. Although I’m new to the forums, I did search for an answer for a while before posting.


If they have names, let’s use them then! :slight_smile: Here are a few examples of this already happening for other artists in there:

kohaku_(yua) and karahara_shima and blonde_girl_(itou)

I believe it wasn’t answered before, don’t worry.


Thank you very much! As soon as I have a little time I’ll go through and add all the character names.


As a follow up question; Should the posts retain the “original” tag?


Dunno what the consensus on this’ll be, but I would prefer it that way. It’s nice to be able to search for “original” art as opposed to fan art. Imo the “original” tag is not antonymous to named characters, but to fan art/franchises/known IPs.


I agree with Nin. The characters are still original, even if they’re named—original just implies they’re not part of an existing copyright or franchise. :slight_smile:


Thanks, both of you. I went through and started tagging all the characters, and came across yet another question. :sweat::sweat::neutral_face: When I’m tagging a character named “Sophia”, for instance, I’ve noticed there’s an ambiguous tag for the name. To give the character their own tag, i simply named them “Sophia_(ArtistName)”. I believe this to be the proper format based on what @Heikedin wrote. So my question is, when it comes to the artists more uniquely named characters (Ha-Un-Ju), should I still bother with the (ArtistName) format, since they’re original characters, or should I just make the new character tag “Ha-Un-Ju”.


A note, to avoid confusing, the character i’m creating a tag for is not named Ha_Un_Ju, the hyphens are the actual intention of the artist.

Thanks for your time.


I’d check for every name of original character if it might be ambiguous before using it by slowly typing it in search bar and looking at suggestions. Also, some names that have a high risk of being used again somewhere else or being misunderstood with something else should use the “_(ArtistName)” too.

Overall, I’d say that it’d always be the safest way to just use the “_(ArtistName)” unless there is a case with unique name + surname. :slight_smile:

@edit - I’m not sure if there is a risk of that name being used again, but it should be okay to create just “Ha_Un_Ju” character tag :slight_smile:


So, after taking everyone’s advice, I went through and made character tags for everything I’ve uploaded thus far. I’m in direct communication with the artist whose work I post, and I was updating him on what I had done. He informed me that he had mislabeled one of the characters name, and gave me the correct spelling. So, I would like to correct that on all the posts for that character. My question is, can I edit the character tag, and update it’s spelling? Or do I need to remove that tag and make a new one that I can re-tag with? Sorry I’m such a baka and have a million problems. :thinking::thinking::exploding_head:


You’ll probably need to do it manually, but firstly let me ask, how many posts there are to deal with?

If you had a case with a lot of posts that would need a change, then maybe you could ask a Contributor level or higher user to use a tag script on those posts for you. That’s including me too.


The character in question, currently labeled Ha-un-ju_(anonsoft), currently has 9 posts tagged to her. There will be a few more on the way. The should name should be Ha_Un-ju_(anonsoft), so sayeth the artist.


It would be the best to change them manually from post to post in this case, there aren’t that many posts to cover ^^


Sounds good, I’ll clean up this mistake soon. Thanks for all your help.