No longer allowed to blacklist tags?



It tells me “forbidden, access denied by the server.” Anyone else have this problem, or know a solution?


Is this happening on the Beta Sankaku Site?


No. I use the regular Black app


Out of curiosity, do you have a verified email address?


Yes. I didn’t have any trouble blacklisting things, then one day it just started telling me I couldn’t do that anymore


I’m trying to track what could it be, but I need more details about the case. I’m also trying to get info on what kind of details we need to see what’s going on… Sorry for inconvenience :frowning:


Here are some additional questions from me:

  • which client did you use? (I assume it would be Black app because you’ve said so, right?)
  • what tags did you use for your blacklist? how many tags did you use? (currently there is a problem with cookies if you have too many tags blacklisted)
  • any other specific things that happened along with the problem?


Yes, I use the Black app. Since you mentioned it, I think it may be because perhaps I have too many things blacklisted? Because I can remove tags from my list and re-add them no problem, but if I try to BL any other tag after those, I get the error prompt


This seems eminently likely. As documented in the Channel Beta Feedback Thread, there are a couple known bugs related to blacklists, one of which is that exceeding 3,000 characters in the Beta tag blacklist makes it impossible to login on Legacy. I’ve not had time lately to do much beta testing, but it’s possible this has since been addressed by making it impossible to exceed that limit (such a limit already existed on Legacy, which was why that problem existed).

There are numerous intersecting technical issues relating to blacklist length that makes handling long blacklists difficult, so if such a limit has been reintroduced on the app/beta, it’s unlikely it will be removed. If we can confirm that this is indeed the cause of the error, though, I can pass along feedback that it needs to be more clearly stated what the problem is, because that error message is admittedly utterly unhelpful. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d like to thank the both of you for your help and cooperation in helping me figure out what the problem was :two_hearts: