Latest Otaku Purchase [Not Safe For Wallets]



I just got my Miyu(amakuni).
Make sure to preorder


Got more manga


got my futaba nendo in the mail a few days ago

haven’t opened the mail yet


futaba sakura

best girl


Ugh, so I stayed up to 1:30am yesterday to check this out and the prices were insane. It was 16k yen for the cheapest frame(A4 size) and 6k for each individual film. Against my better judgement I bought a frame and 2 films so total comes out to approx $300 and that’s not even including shipping and proxy fees.


You gonna get those put up on your wall? That’s museum quality stuff right there


Just on a table for now. But yeah I’ll display it. It better be the best damn lights and build quality for that price.


I’m looking forward to that.


Can’t lie, the real appeal is having something that no one else has. I doubt many are as dumb as me, and since they’re made to order there probably won’t be too many of these in the wild.



Hentai haul

And picked her up at the post office. The box is xbox huge.


I spy Mash from FGO :3


Can’t believe that isn’t pixelated.


Oh, and Otona Sekai canceled and refunded my order after like a month of waiting. WTF?


is there a anus?



@Palmtop_Tiger I’ll save that for tonight and was that a new dakimakura you tried to order?


A smaller one that has a hole so it can hold an onahole.


Oh wow it’s for more than just hump hump.


I got Sharo from Gochiusa today~


Bunny cunny???


No commando, she’s got white pantsu :hearts:


once again, thanks for the sentiment, but am closer to olive skinned