Latest Otaku Purchase [Not Safe For Wallets]



No pantsu…



Words words words


Don’t you remember they guy who downloaded her character model?


GIMME! Those two will be preoredered so hard tomorrow :3 Oh and lots of new arrivals this week :>



omg a yotsuba nendo
i must have


It says here “You’re gay”.



They made a Palmtop figurine?


Picked up another nerf gun. I’m gonna bring em to work and shoot the office up tomorrow.

YES I CAN! YES AI-CHAN! I’m gonna keep her in the bubbly prison for now. Will probably open her on the weekend.

Got the stuff from that guy selling his collection khan posted. Some dvds weren’t the stated condition(opened instead of wrapped) and the CD jewel cases are in rough shape but everything was so cheap I don’t mind too much.

Anyway these are the real prizes of the haul. These bluray premium sets for $20 each($25 for bunny drop) are a steal.


Are you sure those military style magazine clips are NY SAFE Act compliant?


What they don’t know won’t hurt 'em. I’ve been worried about transporting my m14 airsoft in case I get pulled over by the popo.


muffled gay sounds


Got Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. Time to grind to unlock Gripen-chan and dance with the angels.




I got a flash! Long gone are my days of being slave to lighting. I feel so powerful right now. Muahahaha!

EDIT: Tweaked the photo a bit with a little exposure adjustment, white balance, and noise reduction.

Oh and, opinions please. Left or right?


Right. Black lingerie is sexier plus she has kemonomimi.


black is better (clothes not skin colour ok)


LOL. You’re right for once.


Prepare your wallets.


Miyu and Miku :3 I think that is my 7th Miku in my collection.