Latest Otaku Purchase [Not Safe For Wallets]



@GenoSabre know anyone who doesn’t mind parting with their SOL Raptor code?


The one guy in my group who has a Sol Raptor just used it.


I’m going to get this but it’s going to hurt how much it’s going to cost.

TOM Project


Just wait for the Chinese to copy it like they did with that 7 meter Miia dakimakura.


Think the pain away.


“Money does not disappear. It turns into something else!”
Repeat this many times until you are convinced it’s true.

Got me this one:

I have 1, 2 and 3 now.
Their colors are so nice for me to want to paint them all so I’ll just settle for modding just one :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh God, that actually looks cute for such an otherwise boring type of character.


In an amusing turn of events, friend is asking if you vvant to trade friend codes :3


How do you do that??


Not sure. VVill vvait for him to go online and ask.


vvie geht’s???


Get! But I had to go through a whole rigamaroll to get her.




i got this


That’s not a loli…


30 June 2018 was her 2nd birthday,




Once again, age isn’t a factor with Loli.


Show us her pantsu

words words words