Latest Otaku Purchase [Not Safe For Wallets]





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Got my first of several orders of anime blurays. I spent close to $400 on blurays in the past 2 weeks. I made another order yesterday and another today. I must be stopped. No matter the cost. cue You got the Touch


Got a lot this week.


Someone better mark this thread as NSFW cause BOI ima bout to unload

I’ll post more later, cause I have some… business to attend to :3

Also got another Lilie nendo.


Got Nadeshiko today. :3


Just preordered this lovely little boat :3

Two more nendos should arrive this week, can’t wait :3


Aw! Eldridge is so adorable! <3


I have set up direct deposit from my job directly into Kotobukiya’s bank account.


You forgot the peanut butter and jelly spreaders.


AINZ-SAMA and Ishtar :3


Got a Figma Tracer and Ridley amiibo.


‘Silence! Ay Keel Yu!’


Lmao that sure goes back a long time.


It’s the eyebrows’ fault lol


Broke down and pre-ordered her.


Best girl in that show.


I’m expecting my Sharo Nendo sometime in the future >~<


Got 5 packages yesterday, and another 5 today. Post office is workin’ real hard to get me my stuff before Christmas.


Is that the “complete” version of Mezzo Forte?


It’s the tv series. Got it 'cause it was $3 and it’s hard to find on torrents these days.