Latest Otaku Purchase [Not Safe For Wallets]



I don’t think we still have those nowadays. Got ran over by a stampede of Korean shows.


k-dramas make more sense in pinoiland than beanovelas

also stop bulin mai Lorenzo-chan!! >A<


Umm you know flips are the beaners of Asia?


yeah bt is still more asia than bean

like el chavo and marimar being popular in ecuador makes sense, but fucking pinoi is just odd af


I prefer mexican telenovelas though.


November Order.


They got a gun girl for a p90, or mp5? I want something smol and qt.


Might be a bit expensive or hard to find on the secondary market, but Figma Henrietta fits both those perfectly. Or you can wait for the eventual Figma Llenn.


That one looks cool, but considering what you said. I’ll wait for Llenn figma, or nendo.


Or you can get the Little Armory P90 or MP5 kit and add your Figma of choice. But if you want a really smol P90 girl there’s also Desktop Army.


That’s even cuter! +__+


Took time out of my busy schedule to finally visit my PO box and pick up my haul of two months worth of amiami figures and amazon purchase~

The new stuff:

Some items I found a bargain for to mix with my main purchases~

And my amazon purchase (had no idea it existed, so it was an auto buy when I spotted the manga)

(now if only I had the time to figure out where to place them all…):upside_down_face:


Once again Kitobukiya has stolen my heart (wallet). This will do nicely as a substitute for the unobtainable SOL low visibility color.


Kanna’s spin-off manga is the greatest most bestest thing to be released, ever.


'Sup, Went to a convent last month. Picked up some stuff.

One image per post for now. Lame.

Also got these things in the mail kinda recent.

What are the actual image requirements anyway? It looks like it won’t take anything larger than 3000pixels even if it’s under 4mb. Making these 2000 for now.



It’s Motaku!!!


dang! wonder if Peter or Deth would be next to revive


Those are weird things to find in a convent~

Welcome back~


If you hear a thudding sound as if the earth itself were being shaken, it’s the former

If you hear squeaking wheels, it’s the latter


I got this at F&S.