Latest Otaku Purchase [Not Safe For Wallets]



Finally got around to unbox Lotte, what a qt3.14 :3 Also, more Illya! This time in a swimsuit.


OMG! So much goodness in one post! +__+


It’s always fun to share these pics, glad you guys enjoy em just as much as I do. Tomorrow another nendo will arrive, can you guess who? :thinking:


Lol XD I know exactly who that is :3

I’m a expecting Nadeshiko Nendoroid in the mail soon >~<


Azur Lane bote girl?


If it is, it’s always Hammann~


btw, they’re now taking pre-orders for a Platelet nendo


Already on my list :3 It is getting longer every day


I wish i could say the same thing about my patience lol


Oh I know now, it’s Gabu!


Oh you :3 It’s of course the Rider of “Black”

What a great way to start of the weekend :>


But where’s the bulge?


The appeal is all in the smol PP.


But feminine benis still has a small bulge.


…I bought a thing :3 (sunglasses for scale)


Is that a Loot Llama?


not sure what that means so amma assume no, it just a jumbo llama plushie from big lots, and her name is Lorenzo :3


I’ll call her Rosa Caliente.


you pinois with your 90s mexican novelas lol


I shall call her Consuela.