Latest Otaku Purchase [Not Safe For Wallets]



You guys are doing well. I’m loving all the pictures. Keep them coming! I always enjoy the pics of glorious merch in this thread.

I know I’ve made some cool purchases in the time the forums were gone, but I can’t remember which were and which weren’t within that timespan. One thing I’m certain of though is the Nintendo Switch I got. Great purchase. My sister and I have been having a blast with it. I’ve also been building a nice library of games that I’ll post a picture of soon.


Gj, fellow onii-chan :3
The Switch is a great idea of a console. Anybody I know who got one never regret getting it :3


This looks so wholesome.


It is my happy place. No matter how much a day sucked, when I come home, sit down and just look around I start smiling and everything is daijobu again FeelsGoodMan


I think now I know where my stress is coming from lol
All my gunpla and figures are in boxes :stuck_out_tongue:


I buy a lot of manga every month.


Bought an IDE to SATA adaptor and a multi-card reader. I needed zip ties too but I forgot to get some :stuck_out_tongue:


otaku as FUCK …



UOH :3


if they make an onahole of her, it should be a thigh that you can fuck


sort of otaku but i finally figured out how to store thick A5 tanks
without any breathing holes when sealed all the air gets trapped inside and the books dont sit up straight so i got a tent peg and melted holes in each bag so the air can be pressed out


Why do you have modeling supplies?!


Because im a cuck who bought GK’s but never got into building them


Give them some life lol


Boring. Thankfully figma is giving us plenty mecha musume.


doing christmas shopping, apparently daarin considers this innapropriate, so I gotta find something else to gift him :stuck_out_tongue:

also am assuming we wont be doing the secret santa san this year (again)


I wouldn’t wear that either. Fat cow tits are highly inappropriate. Now this is fine apparel:



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subtlety is key

not so subtle translation



anyone interested in my magic knight rayearth cels?