Latest Otaku Purchase [Not Safe For Wallets]





Tracking shows this delivered today but I think my neighbors have it. I appreciate them signing for my stuff but they could’ve left it by my door.


Is this month National Milk day or something?

Felt like I should spoiler it just in case


Got these pretty boxes.

Mash is really big. She’s supposed to be 1/7 but she almost feels 1/6.


bought a phone case… and got the wrong size


Are you going to buy a phone that fits in the case? (´・ω・`)


I think I might give it to my brother

or maybe i’ll buy an iphone 8


Just got the most expensive picture frame I’ll ever own.

Gee, thanks a lot for using this huge box filled with packing paper to ship the tiny thing on the floor. No wonder shipping was $60.

The frame itself is filled with LEDs in the back. And it has a remote.

The insert art was plenty expensive themselves. Took me awhile to figure out how to get them in the frame.

It outputs quite a lot of light but there’s a dimmer on the remote. Might as well light some figures with it as well.


So which one did you want?


B-baka! I said not to bother. But I’ll take Moon or Mercury.
Remember you don’t have my new address.


I see @Palmtop_Tiger is dabbling into the framing and decoration industry, good for him, I hope he does well


Kaos, Satania, Chio and Nanachi :3

And loads of splatunes :>


Is Nanachi a boy or a girl?