Latest Otaku Purchase [Not Safe For Wallets]



Very appreciated, Motaku♥




my futaba nendo arrived a while back and i haven’t even opened the package

got dis


That’s what ebay’s global shipping program is for. The US economy of scale is now global on that platform.


Uhh I guess audiophiles are a type of otaku. Not that I am one.


I got a Switch.

This is otaku because it’s camping gear and Yuru Camp is about camping.
It can combine into one long utensil and it’s cool how they incorporate the reusable shock cord into the packaging.


that actually looks pretty dope and far more useful than a regular spork, how much and where?


$5 at Wallyworld. They even have a girly color you’d like (I like it too).


dang, I do like it in that color :3




Cute M14.


You just went full auto. Never go full auto.


Now if only I could import the one on the left.


If only I could import the one on the right.

What would the shipping costs be from Japan?


Get the one on the left, let me come visit and shoot it. I’ll return the favor for the one on the right.


You know I’m talking about the girl, right?


Weapons are girls.


Girls with weapons are double girls!




Would you like to volunteer for the job instead?