Latest Otaku Purchase [Not Safe For Wallets]



His Morrigan is fucking hawt…


Pre-ordered mommy raifu.


“Ara Ara, you wouldn’t want to shoot an old rifle like me, would you? You’d be better served by one of those young trendy AR-15s that are always in the news.”


This pin arrived today~
All the designs available were really cute, but I chose the rottweiler because of Jade. She turned 15 this month(that’s extremely old for big dog breeds)


I love that rottweiler one♥

But where’s the labrador?


There’s a golden retriever on the top left, but I don’t think she made any labradors >.<


Made a hefty order.

Also ordered this fatty.


tanned version

Patrician taste.


That’s hot! :eyes::heart_eyes:


wtf i wish i could order her :frowning:
That beautiful fat tummy and tiny perky FAT tits
Imagine rubbing the underside of your glans on her cute love handles before releasing a fat load all over her seductive face


Why didn’t they make one have short hair like they planned?


Also, I hope you all started reading Kannas spin-off mango, it’s the best.

The latest Galko had one of the semen demons on a date while wearing a VA-11 Hall-A shirt


Hey everyone,

I’ve been looking for Oh My Goddess! Omnibus volume 4. I have volumes 1 ~ 3 and it’s about time I got the rest, but there’s something weird going on with volume 4. Volumes 1/2/3/5/6 are all available for purchase on many different websites, but volume 4 seems to be out of stock everywhere. Even Dark Horse’s website itself lacks a “buy now” button for volume 4 even though it has it for the other volumes. I can’t find anything about this online, so I’m a bit puzzled.

Anyway, I’m not that knowledgeable about webshops abroad, so I was hoping if anybody here knows of a webshop that carries it (and preferrably ships to The Netherlands). The ISBN is 978-1-50670-052-6.

Picture of volumes 2 & 3 to spruce up this otherwise wordy post:


Have you tried to stop by the second-hand stores near you?

You can occasionally find some "old manga" in these.

Because of the series’s age these is significant chance that the editor will try to print the manga the less time possible to let the priority to the new series. I think it’s better to look at some second-hand book than waiting several month and month to buy it online.

It’s something that usually happened with French editors they stop the impression of individual tome and republish the entire series in double-tome that took less time to print and are cheaper to produce. But i don’t know if it’s the same for the american one


Stores that carry manga over here are usually relatively small game and only carry a couple of very popular manga. I guess I’ll check them out if all else fails, but I have little hope they’ve got this series.

However, this (omnibus) series isn’t old. The original localised tankoubon have already been completely published in the west. The Omnibus volumes are a re-print and are currently being published. Volume 4 was published in 2016 and the newest volume, number 6, was published in October 2017. As such, I’m not surprised the volumes are all in stock in most places. It’s just volume 4 that seems to be an odd one out.


Sorry I haven’t notice that was the omnibus version.
That surly a bit odd that only one volume is missing maybe the editor had some problem with it.
Anyway, good luck with your chase~



Apparently, there are second-hand sellers on amazon:

Unfortunately, most of them are charging ridiculous prices. The only one that seems reasonable is based in the US, although given that it’s listed on British Amazon, they prolly ship all over Europe.


I did find this though.


Yes, I’ve been thinking of going second-hand as a last resort. I don’t really like the idea, but it’s something I’m willing to do to avoid having a gap in my collection. Thanks very much for checking.

Absolutely glorious. I plan on buying this next.


Looks like it’s out of print. There are some “Like New” listings online if you want to take the chance. I’ll keep an eye out.