Latest Otaku Purchase [Not Safe For Wallets]



There’s so many amazing figures coming, truly the greatest timeline.

1/4th bunny cuties, I’m so gonna get them both. Hopefully Miyu gets one as well. Sadly haven’t seen any pics of her.

Nadeshiko just always looks so adorable and comfy, gimme

Her glow. HER GLOW!

Good. :3

Even the nendo has the amazing thighs. MAJESTIC!

More bun.

Many Kizunas


Can you hear her? I sure can

Even more bun. Marvelous~

Fuwa fuwa~





A soundtrack so nice, I bought it thrice. Got the vinyl a while back together with the digital version, now they released a 3 CD complete version, so I bought it again. :3

The cover of the vinyl and the posters it came with are so gorgeous.


Yea boi


Gotta admit, I’m also a sucker for collecting physical media.


Got these.


i missed a few orders on amiami and now im one more cancellation from getting my account closed


im still not banned somehow


Why even play this dangerous game of chicken? Just don’t order if you don’t want it.


well i did want them then i quit my job and have been a neet since
also since the sumb GST on online orders thing came in the prices went up another 10% and they’re just not affordable anymore even if i did have a job


At least you don’t live in Argentina.


Can’t decide if I want Special Week, or Alice…

Another cutie to add to my Virtual Youtuber collection!


Yeeey i finally got it !!


Mine should get here this week. Shipping was a bitch.


Got my limited edition copy of the Liar Princess and the Blind Prince today! +__+ It comes with official artbook and soundtrack


I guess I lied. It just came in. I like that it came with a protective sleeve thing.


Let me see Asanagi’s twintail spread.




Arigato. Further proof that twintails created life.


Here’s a direct upload from asanagi’s pixiv.