Latest Otaku Purchase [Not Safe For Wallets]



What otaku goods have you gotten lately? Post your recent hauls here.


I recently bought a physical Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney cartridge. But that was for Syk.


A while back, I bought the first dozen Yotsubato! volumes in nihongo.


Well, since it’s been a while, HERE WE GO

The greatest shot I’ve ever taken of one of my figures, pafekuto~


That is some nice Aoba tummy.


My latest purchases are these two:

The girls themselves are pretty good. The mech parts, not so much.


Is that flesh colored hip parts? woah


Yeps. They also have visible camel toes molded into them.
If I remember right, FA girls have nice mounds instead :3

The weapons and ABS parts are Kotobukiya quality too.


October order part 2 of three.


Dem nippers yo.

Those cut through nubs like a hot knife through butter.


With the power of twintails.


Oh yes :3


Lina :3


I really love seeing your collection :3

How many walls full do you have now? :3


Well not really walls, I just filled up all of my desk with them and some more on my dresser/cabinet. Still haven’t unboxed Lotte, might do that later tonight or tomorrow.

And as always, it is never enough. The preorder list is getting rather long though.


Table displays are always cute :3

One thing I like about figures is that the only way they become backlogs is if you forget to buy them or if you have them, take them out of the box :3


What’s also kinda funny about figures is that you only regret the ones you didn’t buy. So glad the Albedo and Ainz-sama nendos are getting a re-release.
Same with the yuuuuuuge Nyaruko bunny figure. I still don’t know why I didn’t just buy her when she was released the first time around.


Too true.

For plamo, It’s just not the same. Sometimes we regret getting a kit because the construction, engineering or plastic is bad or there’s something wrong. We get over that modifying them or using them as extra parts, but that’s sometimes a lot of work.

I wanted a Mami school uniform version but couldn’t find one -_-

I have a limited budget so I’m used to getting only the ones I really really really like :3


Didn’t I send you a link before?


Locally I mean. I don’t like working with shipping and similar stuff O_o


my pre-orders for december