Last Thing You Watched (Now Non-Vegan-GMO!)



Finished watching season 5 of Vikings

I don’t care how grey she is now; Lagertha is still my waifu


watching the episode of Friends were i’m the guest star and i’d started the rumour about rachel being a hermaphrodite





brb taking a bunch of benzos and sleeping for 200 hours




^ dis nigga doesn’t know what’s happening in eight days



I’ll have you know I actually added HBO to mai Hulus just to watch S8!!!


I wouldn’t last 200 hours of not being able to talk to you


You lasted nth hours not being able to talk to him before you met him.


Barely, tbh


And now that I know Kudi, I need him to live~


time to build yourself a kudi pillow



time for theories! who dies? who lives? who wins?

most likely, everyone dies and Dani burns King’s Landing to the ground, as in her vision back in the weird tower (season 3?) and seeing the errors of her ways she kills herself, ending the kingdoms or some poetic faggetry like that

I’d like to see Cersei die by Jaime’s hand, tho I’d find it the ultimate trolling if she died giving birth to Jaime’s child, who turns out to be a dwarf.

Jorah will sacrifice himself for Dani, and maybe Tyrion will too, tho am fearing if he dies, it will be a meaningless death well below what he deserves.

Ideally, Sansa and Tyrion are still married (they never really annulled or divorced) so they become the lord and lady of Winterfell, while Jon becomes the one true King of the seven kingdoms, while Dani goes back across the narrow sea and reigns there, as the Targaryen.

Clegane Bowl Bitches!!!

some gay reveal that Bran really is the Ice King, because of time travel or something

ice zomebie Hodor :’(

the whole thing is revealed to be an old Meister Sam, writing the stories, like Bilbo at the end of Lord Of The Rings.

Bronn doesnt get his castle, but dies doing one very noble knight like action

Arya and Brienne become the commanders of the armies of Winterfell, and the Hound pleadges his loyalty to Arya, TO ARYA, fuck the king!

Jaqen H’ghar is revealed to have been Syrio Forel, the face we knew was one of the guards who attacked him last we saw. And he is the true god of death


good first ep, just like last season it starts without action in order to bring things up to speed and gather all the players.

the opening was amazing, great contrast to very first ep where the fat king came into Winterfell, but now is Jon and Dani, and all the other players. Arya my love, the glow on her face when she saw Jon, and then the sinking in her heart when she saw the Hound, and the sudden squirting of her pussy when she saw Gendry. Hnnnnng!!

the reveal of Dani killing Sam’s family and then Sam revealing to Jon he’s the king went pretty much as I expected, only I thought Dani would be present as well.

Of course the fucking ginger cunt wildling would survive the fall, gotta please the fanboys, the dumb cunts.

The acting on the part of Jon felt a bit wooden at points, and Sansa now has a uber perma resting bitch face that she can’t even, but works well for Sansa.

Tyrion is losing hope and it shows, I really wish with Jaime coming in he gets a renewed hope and Dani doesn’t fuck things up.

Also, I seriously NEED Maisie Williams to cream pie my every hole and to violently fuck me and make me her bitch slave, I love her so much she’s fucking adorbs.

The blonde whore was cute too, sad the pest will take her within the year (great throwaway joke)

for a slow ep and season introduction would be a 6.5/10, but being the setting for the final chapter and 1/6 of the entire thing, I’ll give it a 7.5/10

also inb4 the memes start rolling about Jon and Arya comparing dicks/swords