Either I'm Bored or Strange; Let's Chat!


Well, another no life on the internet (me) says hi. Sup. Chat me anything to pass the time as I add more tags on the side (I need friends. Good luck with that. Why are you so mean to me? Because it’s true, not mean. Hey! What? Be nice. No. Why? Ugh.)

See. I talk to myself in parenthesis. I need friends. Also, maybe mental help. Help me.

(There’s no help for you. Grr, What? Meanie! We’ve been over this. So? …)

Anyhooooooooo. Don’t mind my personality. It ONLY gets stranger. Nothing to see here at all. Move along. Move along. Wait… NO! Don’t actually move along! Talk to me!


Yeesh. What do I get myself into???



(regrettably, it’s 5am where I am; I could fall asleep at any point)


Awkward statements

So? How’s it going?


chronic insomnia is fun \o/

btw, you remind me slightly of pantsu kudasai (n-not in a bad way!)


Well, if only we had a cure for the inability to sleep even when they shove pill down your throat to help you! Oh. I think I gave something away there. EEP!

Retreat to your shell! I repeat, retreat to your shell!

Wait. I am not a turtle. NUUUUUUUUUUUU!


What do you think about gold as currency? Or would you prefer to walk around with dildos in your pocket?



One is shiny and makes fun, the other is fun and may get shiny. Hmm…

Tough call.

What do you think?


Given you indecision, I think you will keep paying for food by handling paper dildos.


Yes. Probably. But I needs the shiny!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE SHINY!


what toppings do you like in you burger?


Only meat and cheese. Me am carnivore.


Depends sometimes I like it simple just cheese and pickles but other times I like a good mushroom and swiss burger, or I like all the works bacon lettuce,tomato,pickles,onions etc.


I’m sorry Char, we cannot be friends anymore. I will cash out your GBP and say good day.


Hey a burger is not complete without those little slices of cucumber soaked in brine.


You’re looking for hot singles in your area?


Palmtop, pickles are one of the most fantastic foods ever, especially on burgers. Get to eating and liking them right now.



boyes boyes! I was asking the new feller!

also PT leave Char alone, pickles are fine in a burg, a bit of bitterness to the bite enhances the flavors of the beef


Well, if I’m required to answer this…

Bacon and cheese. Bacon is even better cooked into the burger. Burgers must be medium to medium well but still juicy enough that I don’t feel like I just choked the driest d-

Oh. Am I required to be PG13-

Oh. Did I just tell people I-


Hides and cowers


BITTER pickles?