Character request thread



Just a thread for when you’re unable to identify characters in an image on your own. I have quite a few such cases:

Channel Tag Library — Find the Tag You're Looking for Here!
Channel Tag Library — Find the Tag You're Looking for Here!

As a tangent, this might belong in a technical thread, but why on earth did that link get shoved under the title like that? Is it because it’s a bare link rather than having text? Is it because it’s the only link in the post?


It’d be nice to get rid of that if you can figure out how; it shows up on the forum index and it’s easy to accidentally click when trying to open the thread.

Wasn’t able to help much with your character requests, though I was at least able to clear it from a few posts where the sole character(s) were since tagged but the request tag remained, and from Post № 4908190, since the character is from a vocaloid music video and is as far as I can tell unnamed.


I think it’s because I accidentally pasted the link in the title instead of the body. lol


Done, removed the link.


I’ve always wondered who’s the character in this image. All I know is she’s drawn in the art style of Little Witch Academia (that’s where the wand comes from too).
That post is already listed in the link I posted before, though.

Channel Tag Library — Find the Tag You're Looking for Here!

Presumably there was supposed to be a link here? :wink:


That’s right. Thanks lol


I couldn’t find anybody similar using my sources. I guess that it’s an OC this time. But I’ll share this similar looking find just in case.


Anyone who watched Eromanga Sensei knows who is the girl in the right?


This indicates she might be Shizue Amamiya (雨宮静江), but that’s based wholly on her hair, and the fact I can’t find any other character in the series with long, brown hair. I can also find only a single image of the character elsewhere on the Internet, and it seems to indicate she’s a very minor background character—which makes me sceptical she’d be portrayed so prominently in fanart.


Upon googling the image, I found a tweet suggesting that it’s art for an upcoming volume of the manga.

Could she be a new character?


I forgot to replace the direct link with the permalink. That’s where I got it from. lol

I guess.


I just uploaded a small batch of images for which I do not know the characters. Any assistance would be appreciated! :blush:


I’ve found a bunch of hints, but I’ll leave concluding the answers for you :sweat_smile:

Hint 1
Hint 2
Hint 3
Hint 4
Hint 5
Hint 6
Hint 7
Hint 8


Oy, vey. :sweat_smile: I thank thee!