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That’s not what I mean. I meant the chain-like details.


I also want to know the name of this kind of sleepwear (If there’s one):


Gonna have to give a red circle, 'cause I have no idea what you’re talking about. :confused:

Bottoms are bloomers, but I’m not sure about the matching top, or if there’s a specific tag for the combined set…


I have a request that i desperately need answered ive looked everywhere and found nothing!

Its similar to ntr but for someone whos single? For instance their sister or mother having sex with someone to humiliate the main character. The best i can find is “mother/sister netorare” but that doesnt seem very descriptive and there are no tags for this?


Netorare - MC gets their loved one/s stolen from them.
Netori - MC is the one doing the stealing.
Netorase - MC lets their loved one/s be stolen from them, or at least have relationships with others.

It’s pretty difficult to figure out which one is which if a single image or not part of a set. Just search using multiple tags.


Could there be a tag for when a character’s butt is seen from the front or is that downright stupid?
Anyway, here is an example of what I mean.


archway_of_venus. Post must be at least 20 characters and apparently doesn’t count quotes. :anger:


Oh, thanks. Didn’t know that’s what it’s used for. And I get you on the character minimum.
(Sorry for the late reply, I literally forgot to answer)
Also, about this post:
Do we really need the almost_crying tag? I think teary_eyes might be descriptive enough.
(Update before posting: there’s also teary)
Which wording should we use, then?

And should we use shuumatsu_no_izetta or izetta_the_last_witch? Or even izetta:_the_last_witch (which isn’t a tag yet)?

Also, before I forget, there’s also tears.


And I’ve always used tearing_up. What a mess. :frowning:


^That’ll be hard to fix. Maybe.
Anyway, what I meant with chain_sweater was this chain-like detail:

I thought it was obvious from the name lol
I’ve seen a tag for that, but don’t remember what it was.


Could that be “cable knit”? If I’m not mistaken the tag on pixiv is ケーブルニット.


I looked that up and it only has one post. I remember there being a tag with multiple posts.

Also, should there be a tag for massage creams?


Is it different from lotion?



(fuck you character minimum, it even excludes quotes)

How do I tag her fingers touching? fingers_touching?


fingers_together looks like it’s mostly used for this pose. There’s also tented_fingers, but I’m going to manually adjust its grand total of 3 posts to use the former tag instead.


Okay, thanks.
What about the thing this one is eating:
Is it a croquette?


i need somebody help me with harukana receive girls (I have not yet seen the anime and I get confused with emily and claire) then i can tag pic correctly


Emily is the one with the glasses, Claire is the other one.
I forget too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Also, one of them is voiced by Atsumi Tanezaki, but I always forget who.

Edit 2: It’s Claire.


thank you for the tip. But for the post are “viewed from behind??” example 7454870 or 7454880


Yup! :blush: