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I’ve seen that kind of place in Fairy Tail and Slow Start (and apparently in Date a Live, didn’t remember that), it’s some sort of indoor water park which opens even on rainy days and at night, but I didn’t know how to tag it so I added indoors_pool unaware that indoor_pool already existed. lol

Edit: unrelated but I created the pregnant_filter tag. I didn’t add it to too many post since there are too many for me to check one by one, I only tagged the ones that either were obvious (like official art for stuff which wouldn’t have a pregnant character) or I had already seen the original.


Looking for the term for name of the ripple that courses over the skin outward from the area taking the pounding when taken rough


I remember an artist who does this. a lot. perfectly. Trying to find the guy for clues, but forgot his name -_-


But does there even exist a name for it


Probably not, at least in the time that I was attempting to find a word to describe that effect. The most likely tag that would be best suited to it would be “Ripples” which is mostly used for water effects. While the RL application would be “slow motion” which doesn’t make sense to use that here. Unless Geno manages to find a term related to that artist they have mentioned, it might be best to make new tags for this, perhaps rippled_bum or rippled_face or something. (the tags face_punch, slow_motion, ripples and fighting didn’t give me any result that I would be content with using.)


Found the artist but it seems there’s no name for that desciption/effect anywhere, even in other image sites.

Like Sanya suggested, making a new tag for it is better. My suggestion for it is ripple_effect_x, x being breasts or butt/ass or whatever body part it is the effect is seen on.


I tagged a post with booty_ripple but I was hoping there was a more commonly expressed term or real life slang equivalent


What about calling it impact_lines? Especially since we may want to use that tag for other stuff too.
Or impact_ripple if you really want to be specific.

Edit: impact_lines already exists.


I created impact_lines a while back to refer to motion line-like lines that are often seen when something is hit. I don’t really think the ripple effect @Yatagarasu described qualifies in that same vein, so I’d recommend impact_ripple as well. bouncing_ass could well work as well, even though it’s obviously wider in what it encompasses.


Finally added impact_ripple to that post.

#152 I don’t think this counts as spats. Shorts maybe, or bloomers, but not spats.

What are the name of the flowers in the image? I only recognized hibiscus (and even then I took too long to remember that name, besides having never checked before if that name refers to the flower I think lol).
I also want to know how to tag her sandals (wedge? platform?) and if there’s a tag for four-point stars that is actually used.
Also, I thought she had a one-piece dress, but then realized she actually has a two-piece (you can even see her navel) and now I don’t know how to tag the top. I didn’t even remove the dress tags or add skirt ones. lol

Actually, maybe her top could be called a sleeveless_duster? Because apparently that’s the name of Serena’s overwear in her second outfit in the Pokémon anime.

I’m not sure if that black thing on her waist is part of her skirt (high-waist skirt?) or something separate (a belt? A waistband?). I also wanna know to tag those socks (besides white_socks and lace_socks), and I wanted to tag these posts as carousel but I’m not sure if that’s what she’s in.

As for these ones:
Is there a tag for when you put your hand on whatever you’re sitting at?

I’m back at tagging my untagged posts, btw.

Edit: about the second thing, how do I tag her hair accessories? I created hair_elastic for that kind of thing, but I don’t know how to tag the ones in that card (I tagged the ones in the first set specifically as bead_hair_elastic).

Edit 2: I’ve been tagging her hair as both two_side_up and double_bun but maybe there could be a better tag for that?




Thanks is there a name for this garden thingy? also for this girl’s arm pose

Edit: Just realized the second link was the same as the first. It’s fixed now.


Looks like a simple flowerbed to me. No tags for that one.


hello(My English is not very good, it is Google Translate↓)
I find pixiv tag 縦割れアナル
this TAG Wiki pixiv dic
and sankaku post picture
How to english translate this TAG?


No such tag currently exists, to the best of my knowledge. If you wanted to create one, I’d recommend either vertically-stretched_anus or simply vertical_anus.


There’s a tag similar to this one that actually gets use, but I can’t remember its name. Anyone can?

Also, is there a name for this kind of chair?


Le Virgin Killer

Also, is there a name for this kind of chair?

There’s folding chair, wooden chair, but it’s probably wooden stool.