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Well, Anastasia said she thought they were “regular panties”. lol
(I’m so used to everyone on Sankaku being male that I keep forgetting Anya is female)

Anyway, we could use layered_panties too, if we fix the tag (we need something else for panties worn over other panties), or rufflled_panties which is empty for whatever reason.


Well, I thought they were more like boyshorts, compared to the example image you showed me earlier. If GenoSabre thinks otherwise, though, I’m certainly not going to argue. :stuck_out_tongue:

Really don’t know what to make of those other ones, except to agree that the bloomers tag seems suspect…


Same here actually. But then boyshorts aren’t usually that frilly around the thighs so I was having (multiple) thoughts since they don’t make the same silhouette :3

Having something to finally properly call them will give me good sleep :3


I don’t think bloomers is wrong. As far as I know, bloomers certainly is the correct term to refer to that kind of underpants. It’s just that gym bloomers, though they are closer to spats than to bloomers, are eroticised in Japanese culture to such an extent that you’ll mainly find gym bloomers when searching for bloomers or buruma. Perhaps you could make the tag traditional_bloomers to distinguish from the popular gym bloomers or something.


‘They (bloomers) are panties you can show!’ - Miyuki Kobayakawa, YUA ep?


bloomers is used only for the underwear and buruma only for the sportswear, but the example in the drawing I showed doesn’t match the ones in the former tag.


Is there a specific name for the clothing being worn here?




^That’s a new term for me. :o


There’s also keikogi, but I went with uwagi because it works for general use.


Because uwagi was very-little-used, I ended up going with dougi, which seemed at least close enough to work.


Why don’t people use transparent_dress?! REEEEEEEEEEEEE
Same for see-through dress. A lot of the time what it’s used for is either not see through, or not a dress:
screencap because I removed the tag from the posts with that furry thingy that wasn’t tagged as furry for whatever reason. They were also tagged pencil_skirt when that’s not a skirt and were not tagged furry.


Is there a difference between transparent and see-through? I’m beginning to think I’ve mistagged hundreds of images… :worried:


Something being transparent means light passes throught it properly with no obstructions. Examples are clear glass, clear water, clear plastic sheets.

See-through means there’s an obstruction but you can still see what’s past it. Examples are low-density fog, women’s stockings, ice (depending on amount of frost or impurities).

BUT I don’t know what’s in the wiki.


That certainly makes sense, though I dunno how well that follows in tagging practice—transparent_clothes seems to be used to indicate translucence, as your definition of ‘see-through’ does, but then there’re tags like sheer_legwear which use ‘sheer’ instead of ‘transparent’… and tags like sheer_clothes that should probably just be aliased.

Speaking of that wiki…

see-through »
Clothing through which it’s possible to view a portion of the body. Either by design using sheer fabric, clear latex, or other material; or made translucent incidentally due to exposure to water or some other liquid.

The first part of this, at least, makes me think it should be aliased to transparent_clothes. The only possible distinction comes at the second point, as it seems to be calling something ‘transparent’ indicates deliberate design, as opposed to being translucent from wetness.

Ugh. What a mess. :frowning:


Based on the go-to-wiki

Sheer fabric is fabric which is made using thin thread and/or low density of knit and which results in a semi-transparent and flimsy cloth. Some fabrics become transparent when wet.

Which means sheer clothes/legwear are see-through by default, meaning it’s chan wiki entry is also correct. The only difference between transparent and see-through sheer clothes is wetness O_o

Which could mean that: Sheer can be used to refer to the material, while transparent and see-through for refering to the amount of visibility.

I think the current tags for it are fine though (sheer, transparent, see-trough, and related).


Link won’t open. Address looks weird O_o


Damn you imgur.
Here it is again:


How do I tag this kind of place?


indoor_pool for sure (I edited the already-tagged indoors_pool). It also looks to me like a shopping_mall/mall (alias necessary here, probably…), but I suppose that’s subjective without additional context.