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Does anyone know what this braided length of rope, ending in a ring is called? Here are some more stylized examples I’ve seen in heraldry, but can never find the name for:

Braided length of rope, ending in a ring Braided length of rope, ending in a ring Braided length of rope, ending in a ring



I don’t know about that, but the kind of rope seems like shimenawa.

edit: I found Kumihimo, but I’m not sure if that’s what you want.


Might qualify as lace-trimmed_gloves (and other items), but it’s kind of hard to tell.

Yeah, I’d looked at that, but it doesn’t seem like what is depicted. GenoSabre suggested braided_belt, which I think I might go with for now pending any further discoveries. :sweat_smile:


This is what I found on mine :3


To answer my own question, some time ago I discovered the term scallop_lace and created a tag for it, the trim in those look like scallop.
Btw, in this post, I tagged church because I thought that’s what that building is, but I’m honestly not sure. I also feel tempted to tag useless_zipper because that zipper in her skirt seems to have no use. lol

Edit: Is teary eyes redundant?
Also, is there a name for that kind of sleeve the girl in the previous image has? It’s loose but has “cuffs” that are tighter.

Edit 2:
I tagged Miku’s eyes as spiral_eyes while I was on my cellphone, but then realized those aren’t actually spirals. Also, the reason for the tag heart-shaped_eye_reflection is because of Atsumi’s eyes, Usoneko doesn’t draw pupils, and that’s obviously the reflection in Atsumi’s eyes. xD

Edit 3: Is there a name for this kind of texture on the hearts in the background?
Also, what is this thing over Nana’s shirt, a capelet?

Edit 4: Decided that’s a capelet after all, but I need a name for this arm pose:
Also for how the background only “exists” near Nana.


Looks more like a castle. Could also be a fortress, but I think it’s the former.

I think it’s hair brushing because of the wind and she’s brushing her hair away from her face (or getting in her huge eyes :stuck_out_tongue: ). So maybe combine it with this too? As for the background, I know there’s a name for that. I hope I remember.


That’s unlike any European castle or fortress I’ve seen, then. It could be a manor too, however.

As for the arm pose, I think it’s that thing that people do to look at something far away (besides squinting). It probably has a name.


Try looking up her character bio if there’s any available.

I’m blaming the squiggly drawn fingers lol
Her hair is being blown by the wind and there are petals in the air so I just assumed that.


How should I tag that cross in her bikini? It looks a bit different from the Union Jack.


It’s not the Union Flag, that’s for sure. Same pattern on the innertube in the background as well; I wouldn’t bother tagging it aside from perhaps print_bikini or something.


I’ve tagged Post № 7362690 with v_over_eye, even though it’s not really over her eye, because I couldn’t find a similar tag for the exact position it’s in on her. Maybe just v salute as two separate tags or something?

Additionally, I’ve tagged it with jacket_on_one_shoulder, which has but a single other post. I feel there must be a tag for this, but I can’t seem to find it.

Edit: Per GenoSabre’s suggestion, I retagged it to jacket_off_shoulder, and from there found the off_shoulder tag, which works. Thanks! :blush:


Maybe v_over_head? :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks like a weird cross between the Scottish Saltire and the Union Jack. It’s common for foreigners to fuck up the Union Jack completely (hell, even we get it wrong half the time).

Googling one of the characters suggests that she’s supposed to be British:


It’d work, I’m just loath to create new, single-use tags if they can be avoided. :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t even notice that was the same character. :frowning: So yeah, it might be an attempt at it after all. Then again, it could also just be a non-flag motif in the national colors to carry through the theme without putting the flag on every single piece of her clothing. They got the design (passably) right in her skirt, after all.


I still want a name for this underwear. :stuck_out_tongue:


Frilled underwear

Found this too.


+frilled_panties, as I suggested elsewhere. :wink:


Replaced my creation tap_panties with frilled_panties, also implied frilled_panties and frilled_bra to frilled_underwear. Probably only System can approve that though.

Also, I looked up layered_panties and found out it’s an actual tag. I assumed it would be like layered_dress or layered_skirt, but it’s actually used for panties worn over other panties.

Also, site usage-wise, is there any difference between ruffled_ and layered_?

I need a name for this too. It’s tagged as bloomers but it’s too different from what is usually tagged as bloomers:


This is perfect O_o

But given how they could resemble frilly ones in drawings O_o
I say keep tap panties tag alive :3


d-dont tap me, bakas! >A<