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The thing with TMNT’s foot soldiers is they’re called that because they’re Soldiers of the Foot clan.
Just realized that zako might work better as a general, collective term for unidentifiable or generic looking ones.


I actually meant these things:

And I think the symbols in her socks are actually stylized hearts.

What about those stereotypical Japanese fans who wear happis and headbands? Because some of them are wearing those.


Should be related to this, I think:


^I see.
Anyway, is there a better tag for under_another's_legs?


leg_garter garter — looks like an implication is in order there.

I’d just use between_legs, to be honest.

I also fixed your fur_trim_hat to fur-trimmed_hat.


Alright, I tagged leg_garter_thighhighs since it’s part of her thighhighs.

Okay then.


Nope. The garter is a separate piece of clothing that specifically holds up stockings, which are distinct from thighhighs (for tagging purposes, anyway). Check out the thighhighs wiki for more info. Retagged accordingly.

I’m still not sure about untagging sock_and_buskin, but it’s hard to tell for sure without more images of her. :confused:


The whole item is called ruffled long socks because they have ruffles, but in this case, maybe ruffled thigh highs because they’re thigh highs lol

No ruffled socks?


Here’s an image of her 3D model (I can’t zoom in, sorry, and taking a print destroyed the quality):

As you can see, it’s a heart.

(Btw, I really like games that show your battery without you having to pull down the notification bar)

Edit: Also, does that thing in her “necktie” count as a pendant?


Ah, sorry! :sweat_smile: I didn’t mean the symbol on her sock, but those on her shoes:


I think they’re supposed to be Sock and Buskin; i.e., the stylized comedy and tragedy masks:

Sock and Buskin


Again, I’m really quite sure it’s a leg garter.

It goes around the top of the stocking, then the ribbon or cord is cinched to hold it in place.


After further checking, Yes, they are much closer to garters.
I’m blaming my being used to seeing them usually drawn seperately lol


Oh. I thought they were skulls or jack-o-lanterns. I guess you’re right, then.

Edit: Is there a name for this kind of underwear?
I thought they were drawers but they’re different from the ones tagged as such on the site (also, is there a reason to separate drawers_(victorian) and drawers_(underwear) or should we alias the former to the latter?).

I also need a name for this kind of underwear if it’s not the same thing:

Channel Alias and Implication Discussion

They look like shorts.


Is there a name for the wheel type on that coffin thing?
Also for the nun headwear.


habit for the latter.


^I thought habit was the dress. What is the dress then? lol


Dress - Habit
Headgear - Veil, worn over a coif.


Habit refers to the whole outfit, generally; good catch. coif would be the specific term for the headpiece, but it’s so little-used that I feel habit is still a better catch-all tag. Your call if you want to include it, though.


What about this giant muthafuggin’ hat?

Edit: How do I call those trims in Shin’s gloves and thighhighs and in Nana’s dress?