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This is a kind of comedic act, isn’t it? What is the name? I learned the name in a manga but didn’t memorize it.




Thank you as always.


Now it’s the name of this thing the girl is holding that I need to know:




I noticed that this thread is mostly people answering my questions. lol
Maybe we should show it to Mayasein.


Basically thank God for GenoSabre, because I sure as hell don’t know what most of these things are. :disappointed_relieved: The longer this thread goes on the worse I feel about my own tagging.


It’s all thanks to Google lol

I just try to recall what I remember seeing and confirm if I remember them correctly and where they’re from.

To be honest, and I don’t know if it’s proper; If I get confused or draw a complete blank, I might go check other sites’ galleries and check their tags. Lazy shortcut, but it could work.

Don’t feel bad because how I see it, we’re splitting the ‘work’. You guys already have your hands occupied with confirming and tagging. Crowdsourcing makes things easier.


Talking about this, I was thinking of making a thread for people to help others and get help with tagging their own posts (or even posts from bots or human users that don’t tag their own uploads properly).


Sounds good. Will help keep this thread stay a library and for fine-tuning.
Suggesting for ‘Channel Tagging Assistance’ to be the title :3


Here is that thread, with the name you suggested.
I’d be thankful if you also checked this one, btw.


Now this one I’m very bad with. Ahahahhahaha


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What tag would you guys use for the eyes for this character?

She gives off a “condescending” look, but that tag is basically not used and should probably be gotten rid of. In any case I quite like the post and would like to know which tag works best for the stare she is giving off. Thanks~


I certainly don’t oppose tagging it with condescending (the sole condescension post should probably be merged in there, though…); disdain and sneer are more-used options that might also be appropriate.

I’ll leave it to your judgment which of those to add; in the meantime, I’ve added half-closed_eye light_frown as some less-subjective tags; half-closed_eyes light_frown is a relatively small search, but its results likewise give off some of the same vibes.


Ohh, I quite like disdain, but a bit of a shame that it isn’t used as frequently as it should. Sneer doesn’t work as well but I appreciate that being an alternative option. And thanks for adding the other two tags, those do work well with the post~


I’d say smug, but that was before opening the image and seeing she’s frowning. I’d go with disdain, then.

Anyway, how should I call these things in the “mouth” of this character’s socks?
And what about these guys in bodysuits? They seem to be like those people in theater plays who dress in black to do practical effects without being seen.


I’m not sure what specifically you’re referring to; if you mean the face-like image on her shoes, they’re Sock and Buskin, which I can unfortunately only find the one-image comedy/tragedy_mask to tag.

Edit: There’s also theater_masks; these should be combined one way or the other. Maybe both to sock_and_buskin?

kuroko_(kabuki), possibly. There doesn’t seem to be a tag dedicated to western stagehands.


They look more like mooks, grunts or henchmen in super sentai.
One the terms used is zako, but there could be better ones.

Other terms I encountered: Footsoldiers, combatmen
Suggestting ‘combatmen’ as there’s a hit similar to it: shocker combatmen


A quick search of this returned the term foot_soldier; it’s currently only used on three posts for the TMNT enemies, but it might work in this case as well.

I’ve merged those as described, and added the tag to your post.