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Ah, that’s it! A shame I had missed that one since it’s not used much, but thank you though~


How should we tag this, glitch_censor like I suggested in the comments?


That sounds good to me. Kill convenient_censoring from the post, though; I don’t see how that belongs.


I’ve tagged posts № 7338462, № 7338471, and № 7338475 [all nsfw] with dress_pull, but I’m not entirely sure it applies. Is there another similar tag to refer to simply opening a plunging neckline to expose the breasts, rather than pulling the dress down to expose them, as dress_pull implies?


I’m not sure about dress pull either. You could try something like exposed breasts, open clothes, open dress and maybe breasts out of clothes.


Ahha, open_dress is what I was looking for; thanks! I wonder if exposed_breasts could be implied by a tag like breasts_out_of_clothes, considering the latter has 65,000 uses, and the former only 2,000… sigh.

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Gaping anus or vagina with multiple penises ejaculating inside. I wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t really one single tag/term for it, but one can hope.



There’s the Nakadashi tag.


Then combined with Multiple Insertion/s or Multiple Penetration/s.


There’s no insertion in that image, though?


Ah lol. You’re right. Ahahahaha
I was mixing it up with something else :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, are these considered duplicates?
Multiple_Penetration vs Multiple_Penetration and Multiple_Insertion vs Multiple_Insertions

I always found it weird.


I guess they are indeed.


I was going to suggest a nakadashi bukkake gaping search, but it didn’t return many results. Maybe it’s not that common, or maybe relevant images aren’t tagged as such. :frowning:


I see you too are a man of taste… That’s exactly what I used.


What happened to the Creampie tag?


^I assume it was aliased to nakadashi.

Anyway, now that I think of it, what is the name of the kind of pants Cynthia wears?




And what about that thing on her neck?