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Just wanted to point out I created a thread for character identification:

Edit: what is the name of that thing coming from Miki’s (right) skirt?


If you mean from her belt, it’s called a tassel.

Or her shorts(?) then it’s a fringe / fringe_trim


^Oh, thank you. I did mean the shorts (not skirt lol).


Post № 7330844 [nsfw] presents a tagging question for me: is there a tag to describe the way the position of the navel may be visible as a crease in tight clothing? This is prominently seen in the dress of the main character, as well as in the pants of the man to their left.


covered_navel / clothed_navel ?


covered_navel is already a tag, so use that.
And for the record, I created the tag standing_on_legs_and_one_hand, even if it’s unnecessarily specific.

It’s so unnecessarily specific, however, that I don’t have any other post to add it to right now. lol


Arm support should be used. And the posts with standing_on_legs_and_one_hand should be tagged with fighting stance instead of battle_pose.


^arm_support doesn’t necessarily mean the same, but I guess they can be used together, or is that what you mean?

As for battle_pose and fighting_stance, I guess the former can just be aliased to the latter. Sometimes I forget what a tag is called and create a similar one. lol


The number of times I’ve accidentally tagged posts with turned_head instead of head_turned:worried:


Feel ya with mouth_grab and mouth_hold.

Also, in my defense, I checked battle_pose, and only two posts were mine or tagged by me.


Is there a tag for this arm pose?


You’re right, arm_support wouldn’t be enough for a three-limbed support pose.

Hands up. Also add clenched hands.


Oh yeah, just remembered I created bent_arms. Ot would go along well with those two tags.


^The link in your post was cut, so I thought I had sent the wrong link. lol
Why is that?

That post needs some tagging too, though.

Is that specificity necessary though?

Update: I checked and [[bent_elbows]] is already used, and way more than [[bent_arms]], so I guess an alias is in order.


Presumably the quoted text from Altis’ post was made by selecting it and hitting ‘Quote’ and just the end of the text was cutoff when selected.

Which is why I suggested it. :stuck_out_tongue: The choice to use bent_elbows was probably originally made in mimicry of bent_knees, which is from an English speech perspective less-weird-sounding than ‘bent elbows.’ Language is weird. :confused:


Yup, I didn’t select the whole link (was on my phone). Sorry about that.


I’m happy we’re being able to help each other in this thread, but thw character request thread is kinda dead from the get-go. lol


Can’t expect every topic we make to be full of activity, but your optimism is noted~ Try contacting some others from channel and see what we can get.

What tag would you guys use for whenever an eyeball has an additional pupil?


^Wow. Never saw that in a drawing, but in real life that would be called Pupula duplex. Never heard of a confirmed case, though, and I’m not sure if that counts.


Multiple pupils seems to be used a bunch of times.