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For certainty, this is a good suggestion for a blacklist tag, but please do not tag new images with this if it can be avoided. Other good options for blacklists might be animal_genitalia and interspecies.


Is there a tag for someone or something made to look like something else?
Like how Johnny Bepp looks like but isn’t Johnny Depp.


Just wanted to point out I created this tag long ago and am bothered it barely gets any attention.
This one too, though it’s more recent.


I’m not really sure how episode_request is supposed to work. Are you soliciting the answer in comments? tags? notes? :thinking:


In the source field, actually :thinking:

I always thought asking in the comments worked better than a request tag, though


Ah, okay. I legitimately forgot people use that for stuff other than links. :sweat_smile:

ais there a more-used equivalent for this?


Surgical mask, most likely. Although I see face mask used in some cases too, which doesn’t seem very appropriate.



(fuck minimum character count)


Couldn’t find anything specific, but I think parody should be suitable here. For accuracy, you could create a ‘celebrity_parody’ or some similar tag.


A tassel, I guess. It also has beads.


Reminds a bit of the cicada block. Wall slam seems fine by me.

They’re indeed wavy eyes.


There are already copyright_(parody) tags, so I guess we could make similar tags for characters and real people. I think it can be combined with your suggestion.

Eh, it’s different from the cicada block, but I guess it’s fine using only wall_slam.

Didn’t expect that to be a tag. lol

I found a tag for this on Sankaku more than once but I never memorize the name


Floating ribbon only comes to mind.

Edit: Wait… Found something. Is it hagoromo?


Yes, that’s it! Thank you very much!

I need to know how to call that red thing in the background, that brooch/medal thing in her chest, and that frilly thingy hanging from her shirt/belt/shorts/idk.

Edit: Also how to call the blue “lines” and the things in the character’s arms here:


Oh man, those are tough. I’ll check the first one, for now:


Hmmm, we have tags like aura, energy, glowing, beam, energy beam and magic. I think energy is the most suitable, even though it isn’t very specific.


To put it simply. I’m wondering if there is a tag for the male version of a ’ Shortstack ’


I assume you need a tag to describe a short person. Dwarf seems suitable.

Unless you mean a tag for a short dude with a huge ass/wide hips :sweat_smile:, which I haven’t found yet.