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I would think it applies also. Now very curious to read a translation.

What is the name of that mat thingy?


A yoga mat or a fitness mat.


Not on Sankaku stricto sensu.
I’ve encountered a few nijie accounts with the following name: Nanashi no chinpoppu | 名無しのチンポップ and I suspect it means unnamed account and may be an automated name.
Some of these have posts on sankaku and I wonder if it shouldn’t be named "unnamed account - nijie#]] instead of [[Nanashi no chinpoppu_nijie#]] if my suspicions are corrects.


If I know the name of a voice actress in an animation I’m uploading, should I tag them?


I’ve seen some uploaders do that, so yeah :slight_smile:


If we can hear it, then yeah it is a part of the media you are posting.


I don’t tag voice actors in videos I post unless it’s an anime op/ed they sing (I tag the singer and song) lol
Should I tag them in every anime clip with audio?
Also, since I already created the tag side_hat anyway (which I forgot I already did some time ago and thought I did yesterday lol), I decided to create a wiki article for it. We need a translation, though.


Honestly, video clip on sankaku isn’t really what I look for but I can imagine someone looking for everyt video-clips a given seiyu was in. May those who care about it tag it, it’s a completionist task.
I don’t judge.


I was thinking maybe hat_on_side would be better wording than side_hat, or if someone can suggest an even better wording I’d be thankful.


Back to this card, what is the name of the exercise she’s doing?

Edit: Also, since card games usually have card types which are different from suits, I was wondering if it would make sense to have a type_(card) tag.


Ubhaya Padangusthasana maybe.


What about a name people can recognize? lol





What about something easy to interpret? Like arms_and_legs_stretched_up.

Edit: stretching_arms_and_legs_up sounds better. I’ll go with that.


Is there a name for this specific type of wall slam?

And how are these squiggly/wavy eyes called?


I should know this, but what is the red string hair ornament called?


Is there a tag for animal on animal sex, or anthro on anthro sex? For instance this post: it doesn’t quite seem to meet the bestiality definition, and I’m not sure if it can be tagged as furry. To be honest I’m looking for a tag that can be used on a blacklist, that doesn’t apply human characters.


^I use the tag feral.

(Fuck character minimums)