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That’s surely her, thanks!
Should I remove the GBF tag though?


i don’t know what Granblue Fantasy is, so you’ll have to hope someone else is able to answer that one >.<

What kind of mallet is that? Or is it needless to specify?


Since the tag faux_traditional_media exists, I was thinking of creating a faux_3d tag to go along with it.


I went ahead and tagged the posts you linked with underbust_corset. I also created the tag underbust_dress.


I also created the tags bralet and underbust_skirt and these implications, so I’d be thankful if I got them approved.


I need to know the name of the floating sash here, I knew but forgot


Is that not just an obi, as is already tagged?


^No, there’s a separate name for that. I couldn’t remember it id my life depended on it though.

Also, how do I call the pattern on Sanae’s (lightest hair color) dress?


I’d just go with “animal print” or something simple, though I’m not sure which animal. Maybe leopard print?


^I guess
Anyway, how do I call it when eyes are drawn with squiggly lines like this:


What is this, a pizza?


I need a name for Rumi Wakui’s (left) hand gesture


It might be beckoning, but it’s hard to tell if that’s what she’s doing without a translation.


Certainly not beckning, it looks more like confusion.

Anyway, how should I call the thing Cara (the Alice-looking girl) is wearing?


^Just realized I didn’t link the post. Here it is.

Also, is there an equivalent of this tag that gets actual use?


I’m not even sure what that latter tag is supposed to be. Are you referring to a television that’s not a flat-screen? 'Cause I’ve never heard it called that. Normally I’d think to call that a television_set, but it’s got even less use. crt also exists, but includes both televisions and computer monitors; I think it’s still probably your best bet, though.


I see. I have no idea what to do then. lol

I did mean the TV, btw.

Now I need a tag for how Kaede (floor) is moving Miyu’s hand away


I tagged these as photo_background but I’m not sure if that applies to text pages.